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What Should I Do To Prevent Mosquitoes In Lake Worth?

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Mosquitoes are best known as for their annoying bites and buzzing during the summer, but their are steps Lake Worth-area homeowners can take year-round to help make their homes less attractive to these pests.

In this article, we’ll take a quick look at some of the most important seasonal tips Lake Worth residents should know to protect themselves from mosquitoes, as well as some of the steps you can take year-round to keep mosquitoes at bay.


April showers may bring May flowers, but they can also bring mosquitoes if rainwater is left to form pools of standing water. Spring is when most people start making their mosquito preparations, but given that the high temps and coastal climates most Florida homeowners are accustomed to are also perfect conditions for mosquitoes, it pays to be as proactive as possible.


Most Florida residents don’t need to be told that summer is peak mosquito season - if they’ve lived here long, they know by now. Summer mosquito prevention is all about strategy: keeping yourself covered, applying natural repellents, and avoiding mosquito-heavy areas whenever possible.

  • Apply mosquito repellent with DEET to skin and clothing anytime before going out, and cover up as much as possible

  • Place natural mosquito repellents around your home and yard to shield your property, such as citronella, eucalyptus, cinnamon, and many more

  • Mosquitoes are more active in the morning and evening, so avoid going outside during these times if possible

  • Mosquitoes are also known to more attracted to people drinking alcohol, so don’t forget to cover up the next time you’re at a summer barbecue or picnic


As the weather cools, mosquito activity will usually see a noticeable decline - but that doesn’t mean it’s over. In fact, if fall is warm enough, mosquitoes might still be present through all or most of it.

  • Use the cooler weather to your advantage, and bundle up under thicker fabrics like leather, nylon, or polyester that mosquitoes can’t bite through

  • Just like spring and summer, don’t forget to apply mosquito spray regularly and incorporate natural repellents into the mix


In the wintertime, many mosquitoes die off, having laid their eggs to hatch in spring, but females of some species will instead overwinter, entering into a hibernation-like state called diapause that drastically lowers their metabolism. During this phase, the females bodies’ shut down, development halts, and their bodies being storing fat to bulk up for the long winter ahead.

When it comes to mosquitoes, winter pest control is all about prevention and preparing for the future. Those mosquitoes won’t sleep forever, so take steps to ensure you’re ready for when they wake up.

  • Fill in any holes in the yard that could accumulate water in the future

  • Keep the yard clear of any clutter that could become a mosquito hiding spot

  • Check the drains and gutters to ensure they’re are working effectively. If they’re past-due for replacement, now is the time

Year-Round Mosquito Protection in Lake Worth

While different mosquito protection strategies are more effective at different times of year, there are three key steps Lake Worth residents should keep in mind year-round:

Keep It Clean: The CDC reports that the most important thing you can do to keep mosquitoes out of your yard is to eliminate their potential breeding grounds. That means any clutter around the yard (tires, boxes, old toys, broken appliances, trash, or any other items not in use) need to be brought inside or discarded. Prevent mosquitoes from breeding in permanent structures (like pools or bird baths) by staying on top of cleaning and changing the water regularly.

Keep It Dry: Eliminate any and all sources of standing water around the yard, including bird baths, pet water bowls, flower pots, and any yard clutter. Keep cars and boats under a roofed enclosure or cover with a tarp to prevent water accumulation, and periodically drain the water from any objects that might collect sprinkler or rainwater (like pool covers or garbage cans).

Keep It Covered: Take direct steps to protect yourself. If you have to go outside while mosquitoes are active, wear long pants, long sleeves, and socks, and wear dark colors if possible. Likewise, find a repellent with DEET or other effective repelling agents and apply to skin and clothing as the label recommends.

Of course, the only real way to keep yourself protected long-term is with a professional treatment. At Nozzle Nolen, we’ll be able to quickly identify the source of your mosquito problem and eliminate it for good. If you want to take back your home and yard, visit our mosquito control page for more information about ways to protect your home and family, or contact us to learn more about the mosquito control options we provide.

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