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Nozzle Nolen’s Wildlife Removal Methods

a chipmunk in a live trap in south florida yard

Living in South Florida, we all know a thing or two about wildlife. From our beautiful shores to our Florida parks and forests, we share the environment and come in contact with many different types of wildlife every day. For the most part, we can all live in harmony. But what happens when an uninvited guest decides to take up residence in your home? Certain wildlife is known to intrude on our homes and properties and it’s these creatures that pose great health and safety risks to you and your family. At which point, it’s you or them. You are left with no other option than to remove the animal.

Wildlife removal requires proper training. All of our professional wildlife removal technicians are expertly trained and certified through the State of Florida, in the removal of wildlife such as bats, bees, raccoons, opossums, and squirrels from your home.

Nozzle Nolen Offers Three Separate Services

  • Animal Trapping - Safe Wildlife Removal

  • Exclusion - Home Repairs and Animal-Proofing the Home

  • Attic Restoration - Cleaning and Repairing the Mess

Nozzle Nolen Squirrel Removal And Methods

Not only will squirrels repopulate quickly after nesting, but they are also small and agile. Their tiny frame makes it easy for them to slip into spaces unnoticed. If a squirrel has breached your living space, it will create a nest and call your home their own. Squirrels will make their own openings into the home or attic by chewing, gnawing or scratching on the roof.  Squirrel removal and squirrel control in West Palm Beach and South Florida should be performed as soon as activity or damage is observed in order to prevent further damage. Nozzle Nolen has squirrel removal experts on staff ready to help you with your squirrel control needs.

To help you with your squirrel problem, Nozzle Nolen provides a variety of different services, including:

Squirrel Trapping And Release Services

Nozzle Nolen squirrel removal technicians will place traps around your home or business to capture squirrels and release them in areas far away from your home.

Monitoring Programs

Our recurring pest removal services include squirrel monitoring programs to ensure we have successfully eliminated all squirrels from your home and that they have not returned.

Sealing Squirrel Access Points

If squirrels are finding their way inside your home or business our first step is to determine where they access your home and seal it off to prevent further squirrel infestation. Nozzle Nolen’s technicians will seal and close all points of entry.

Removal And Sterilization Of Contaminated Insulation

Squirrels can create a dangerous environment as they can chew through the electrical wiring in attics, which in turn, can lead to a fire. The chewed wires can also be a hazard for any children or pets in the home. In addition to the damage they can cause, squirrels are also known carriers of many diseases and bacteria which can spread easily to people that live at, work at, or visit the properties.

Squirrels leave behind feces that could potentially transfer diseases to humans, so the removal and sterilization of contaminated insulation is essential for your health and well being. Nozzle Nolen will remove contaminated insulation and replace it as part of our squirrel removal services.

Squirrel Damage Repair Services

Nozzle Nolen also offers a variety of other damage repair services following the removal of squirrels. Squirrels may be small animals but they can cause big damages to your structure. If you’ve discovered damage caused by a squirrel infestation, let Nozzle Nolen repair and decontaminate your property with the following services.

  • Roof and shingle repair

  • Decontaminating insulation

  • Fixing holes in the roof

  • Fixing electrical wiring

  • Cleaning stained drywall

Nozzle Nolen Raccoon Removal

a raccoon in a live trap in lake worth florida yard

Of all of the wildlife in South Florida, raccoons are the most destructive to homes and nuisance wildlife pests.  Raccoons are extremely smart animals and have adapted well to South Florida’s suburban environment. Raccoons will eat virtually everything from pet food left in the garage to the trash you put out the night before. They can even break into your house and eat the food in your kitchen! Raccoons are notorious for sneaking in through doggy doors and open patios.

When Raccoons are within the vicinity of your home, they can be a major threat to you and your family’s health and safety. They carry a variety of diseases, bacteria and other harmful airborne agents that can easily be spread to your family and pets. If you suspect that a raccoon, or even several raccoons, have invaded your living space, it’s best that you contact a raccoon trapping expert like Nozzle Nolen to trap the critter and release it far away from your property.

Raccoon Trapping And Inspection

Nozzle Nolen approaches raccoon removal humanely through live trapping. Once the target raccoon is removed, we will then inspect your home to find and close off any areas where future critters could enter your home. We will also repair any damage the raccoons have caused.

The physical damage that raccoons can do to your home includes:

  • Chewed electrical wires

  • Torn ductwork

  • Feces in your insulation

  • Urination on your drywall

  • Damage to your security system

Raccoon Damage Repair Services

Removing the raccoon is only half the battle! Raccoons cause extensive property damage when they get into your home. Repairing damage as well as cleaning up after a raccoon has been in your home or property is important as they can spread a variety of diseases and bacteria through the feces they have left. Let Nozzle Nolen repair and decontaminate your home with the following services:

  • Roof and shingle repair

  • Decontaminating insulation

  • Fixing holes in the roof

  • Fixing electrical wiring

  • Cleaning stained drywall

No Wildlife Issue Is Too Great To Handle!

Nozzle Nolen’s team of certified wildlife removal professionals will rid your living space of any unwanted pests. Nozzle Nolen offers wildlife removal services up the coast from Deerfield Beach to Sebastian. Contact us online or call today to schedule your free inspection.

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