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Learn More About Ticks In Tequesta

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If you've lived in South Florida for more than a year, you know that it is warm almost year-round. That is one of the greatest benefits of living in a tropical climate. You've probably also noticed the humidity and moisture. Out of all the cities in the United States, West Palm Beach ranks in the top 5 for average annual rainfall, beating out Seattle, Washington and Portland, Oregon! That's saying something when both Seattle and Portland have over 150 rainy days a year compared to the 58 average rainy days of West Palm Beach. If you've taken notice of the heat and moisture in South Florida, you can bet those ticks have too. This is what allows ticks to thrive here.


Ticks need a lot of moisture to live. If they dry out, they die. For this reason, they are often found in shaded areas of vegetation. The more you can do to keep the landscape around your home dry, the more you'll be able to resist ticks.

  • Check your foundation perimeter for compacted ground that lets rainwater sit, and loosen the soil.

  • Rake leaves up to prevent vernal pools from forming.

  • Trim trees and bushes to allow the sun to dry the ground under ornamental plants.

  • Fix any leaky hoses or exterior spigots.

  • Make sure downspouts are properly channeling rainwater away from your home.

  • Check your gutters for breaks or obstructions. When rainwater spills over, it can pool next to your home.


Ticks are cold-blooded creatures. When it gets cold, they slow down. When it gets hot, they speed up. While they can be active in temperatures as low as 45 degrees Fahrenheit, they prefer the 70 s and 80 s. There isn't a whole lot you can do about the warm weather, but there are a few things you can do to protect yourself from ticks when the weather is warm.

  • Pet owners are at greater risk of tick-related illness because pets bring ticks inside and spread them around the house. It is vital to make sure that your pets have veterinarian-prescribed tick products. Consider making a fenced area if you have a dog so that you can keep your dog away from areas where ticks hide, and to prevent wildlife from carrying ticks into their outdoor play area. When you take your pet for a walk, avoid tall grass and areas with damp ground. For added protection, consider putting mosquito repellent on your pet. This will also protect your pet from ticks.

  • Just like your pet, it is a good idea to spray mosquito repellent on your feet and legs if you'll be going into an area where ticks could climb up on you.

  • Ticks cling to your feet or lower legs and crawl up. If you wear bright colors, you are more likely to see those ticks as they make the journey to find your skin. Bright colors will also make it harder for mosquitoes to lock onto you.

  • It might look silly, but tucking your pants into your socks can prevent ticks from crawling up under your pant legs.

Residential Tick Control

When you invest in tick control for your yard it is possible to reduce ticks drastically. While a pest control company can't guarantee this, the products and methods used to control ticks have an impressive track record. And, it goes without saying that, if you have fewer ticks in your yard, you're going to have fewer run-ins with them.

Tick Removal

If you ever find a tick on your skin, be sure to remove it properly. Use a removal tool or tweezers to pinch the tick near the head and pull straight out. If you pinch the abdomen, you will risk injecting more bacteria into the wound and have a greater chance of illness. Some tick-borne pathogens, like Rocky Mountain spotted fever, take 24-48 hours to transfer from an infected tick. If you catch it early, you can prevent this illness.

If you need tick control in Tequesta, reach out to Nozzle Nolen. We offer comprehensive, year-round pest control service for a wide range of pests, including ticks. Pest control isn't just a quality of life upgrade, it is essential protection that every family should have. Get your protection in place today. 

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