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Do I really Need Termite Protection?

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Port St. Lucie is a beautiful place to live. The crystal, turquoise waters and the temperate climate have inspired the construction of elaborate resorts, boardwalks, and oceanfront condominiums. People come from all over the world to experience this tropical paradise. But humans aren't the only creatures on the earth that think Port St. Lucie is perfect. Termites of all types thrive here. Let's take a closer look at this problem.

When it comes to destructive termites, there is no competition. Subterranean termites win hands down. The cost of subterranean termite damage in the U.S. is in the billions, while all other termites species are only in the hundreds of millions. And, all subterranean termites are not equal. Formosan subterranean termites do the lion's share of the damage. This is because these termites can establish themselves entirely inside man-made structures.

Since termites live in the ground, or inside the wood they are feeding on, they can survive anywhere in the United States. But, in the north, the cold weather can significantly slow them down. That never happens in South Florida. Subterranean termites can feed all year long.

Not only do they feed in every season of the year, they also feed continually. Termites are simple organisms that do not require sleep. That means they feed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

When subterranean termites find food, it inspires the queen to produce more workers. So a termite infestation is something that grows over time.

Mature colonies begin to send out reproductive termites (also called swarmers) to establish new nests. When they do, they will look for locations that have the moisture they need for their newly developing nest to thrive. Between June and October, they find plenty of moistures because tropical storms and hurricanes dump a ton of water on South Florida each year.

In Port St. Lucie, it isn't a matter of "if" termites will attack. It is a matter of "when." No man-made structures should be without ongoing, always active, termite control. That's why the experts here at Nozzle Nolen have more than one trick up their sleeves.

While pest control companies in the North can be a one trick pony, installing termiticide barriers or some form of bait solutions, the team at Nozzle uses several treatment strategies and sometimes a combination of treatments to protect homes and businesses from these destructive insects. And we back these treatments with our Million Dollar Termite Repair Guarantee. You can't beat that with a stick!

The secret to termite control is three-fold: quality inspections, treatments that are effective, and service that is responsive.

  • While we employ educated and experienced termite specialists who know how to find signs of subterranean termites, these sneaky insects can still escape detection. Granted, they never escape detection for long, and damage is never extensive when you have a professional doing routine inspections, but we would prefer that your property be free of termite damage.  This is where bait stations are most powerful. It is easy to see when termites take the bait. And baits like Sentricon® System with Always Active™ work immediately to use worker termites against the colony that sent them, often eliminating those colonies without any need for additional treatments.

  • For decades, the #1 termite control product in the U.S. has been Termidor. We stand by this treatment product because it creates a barrier all the way around a structure and uses a patented transfer effect to strike back at colonies the same way bait systems do. This treatment option can be applied alone or with a bait solution for added protection. Termidor termiticide can also be used as a targeted treatment to arrest a current termite infestation or treat the ground before construction of a home or business.

  • When a structure is already infested with termites, especially drywood termites, your termite control specialist may use fumigation as a solution. This is like pushing a reset button on termites. Fumigants get deep into every pored of a structure to find those termites and eliminate them.

No home or business in Port St. Lucie should be without year-round, always active termite protection. For more details about the services we provide or to request a free inspection, give us a call today.

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