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Why Bed Bugs Are A Serious Concern For Lake Worth Residents

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Have you noticed that it can get hot and muggy here in Lake Worth? You can bet bed bugs have, especially if they have infested a home that isn't climate controlled. Bed bugs thrive in warm, humid weather. When temps are in the 80s and 90s, and humidity is above 70%, bed bugs grow their populations quickly and spread from place to place faster. We recently covered why bed bugs love Lake Worth businesses year-round. Today we're going to shift our focus to why they are a concern for residents as well.

When people come to visit beautiful Lake Worth from all over the world they have the potential to bring bed bugs with them, and those bed bugs don't only stay in hotels, motels, resorts, timeshares, and other accommodations. They find their way into our homes.

There are two problems going on here. First, it takes time for a bed bug infestation to rear its ugly head when these bugs get into a home, so it isn't surprising that bed bugs come in on travelers. It isn't that travelers are dirty or that they come from 3rd-world countries where bed bugs are rampant. Travelers can come from Beverly Hills, California (or anywhere else) and bring bed bugs with them.

The second issue is that they have many ways they can get from hotels and other accommodations to our Lake Worth homes. Here are just a few of the many ways:

  • A hotel guest can visit a local venue with a bed bug on them. At the venue, the bug can transfer to another person or lay eggs in the belongings of another person. They can also lay eggs at the venue and an infestation can take root. Bed bugs have been found infesting a surprising variety of places including clothing retailers, movie theaters, libraries, taxis, buses, trains, and the list goes on and on.

  • Hotel staff can bring bugs or egg home with them in their clothing, bags, or carriables. An infestation can begin with a single batch of eggs. Bed bug eggs don't need the mother bed bug in order to hatch.

  • A local resident can stay in a hotel room that has bed bugs in it. Even if there is no infestation, bugs from a previous guest can transfer to the next guest who stays.
    Friends or family members can pick bed bugs up and bring them into your home.

As bed bug infestations increase in Lake Worth, everyone is at risk. These bugs don't stay in businesses. They spread around.

A Few Reasons To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs Fast

  • Bed bugs bite multiple times. Entomologists often jokingly call these bites "breakfast, lunch, and dinner" because they usually come in threes. It isn't rare for a person to go to bed with no bites and wake up with more than a dozen.

  • Bed bugs are drawn to carbon dioxide and can bite the face and neck which is disturbing and unsightly.

  • Bed bug bites are itchy and can lead to a secondary infection when scratching leads to an open wound.

  • Recent studies are linking bed bugs to illnesses such as Chagas disease. Since these insects live in close proximity to people, this can present a serious health concern for Lake Worth residents.

  • Bed bugs can cause mental trauma for some people because of the way they crawl out of nooks and crannies at night and feed on human blood.

  • There is a stigma attached to bed bugs. Though it is not true that bed bugs only infest homes that are dirty, many people still think this. So an infestation can cause some to be embarrassed.

If you find bed bugs in your Lake Worth home, you shouldn't feel embarrassed but you should definitely get those bed bugs eliminated quickly. And the best way to get rid of bed bugs quickly is to contact a trusted professional such as Nozzle Nolen. The bed bug specialists here at Nozzle Nolen use the most advanced and trusted bed bug-control products and methods available in the industry to resolve bed bug infestations. Get started by going here. We'll help you get rid of those bugs the first time.  

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