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Did you know that termites are sneaky insects? Yes. It's true. These "silent destroyers" can eat away at a structure for years and years without anyone ever suspecting a thing. In fact, this happened at the White House, right under the Secret Service's (and everyone else's) noses. A mature termite colony was chewing away at the wood inside the walls, not far from the Oval Office. The infestation was only discovered when winged swarmers were found crawling around on walls inside the West Wing.

Yes, termites are extremely sneaky insects, but it is possible to keep them out, no matter how stealthy they are. Here at Nozzle Nolen, we have treatment options for both drywood termites and subterranean termites.

Treatment Options For Drywood Termites

  1. Tent Fumigation: This is the most effective termite treatment for drywood termites that we offer. Used in this treatment is a non-residual product. This means that once the tent is removed, all of the items in your home do not have residue on them, so they will not need to be washed or cleaned. This option is available for boats as well as structures.

  2. Tape And Seal Fumigation: This type of treatment can be used on single-story buildings, single-family homes, and also yachts. This option can take care of a termite infestation without having to tent the entire structure. Fumigation experts seal the structure, including any vents and vent pipes, to make sure that the fumigant is contained to only the infested areas. State-of-the-art equipment is used to monitor the process.

  3. Vault Fumigation: This option can be used to eliminate termites, as well as bed bugs, powder post beetles, and other wood-destroying insects.

  4. Tentless Treatment: This option can be used if you need only a localized treatment for drywood termites.

Treatment Options For Subterranean Termites

1. Advance Termite Baiting System: This system meets the criteria for a smart termite solution. It is environmentally sound, as well as pet-friendly, and focuses on eliminating and preventing subterranean termites in and around your home.

The way this works is bait stations are set up around your property in strategic locations. To monitor for termite activity, at first, inactive cartridges are placed in the bait stations. Stations are then monitored and, if your Nozzle technician finds that termites are present in a bait station, then the inactive bait cartridge is replaced by a cartridge containing an active ingredient. What happens next is amazing. The termites will eat the bait and share it with their colony causing the bait to work its way deep into the colony, eventually killing even the queen. And when the queen of a termite colony dies, the whole colony will die. After the colony is eliminated, the bait stations are re-equipped with non-active ingredient in order to continue monitoring for new termite activity.

2. Termidor Liquid Treatment: This treatment is pet-friendly as well. Termidor is a liquid termite treatment which is put around your home or other buildings, in order to create a zone of protection. To get to your structure, the termites have to crawl through the zone containing the product. Once a termite passes through this liquid, they will carry it back to other termites, which causes a ripple effect and eventually the entire colony will be eliminated.

How Professional Termite Control Can Save You Big Money

While partnering with a professional pest control company to protect against termites is not free, it can, and very often does, save home and business owners from having to shell out thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars, in the long run. The fact is, United States home and business owners shell out approximately $5 billion each year because of these destructive, wood-destroying insects.

Why take chances that termites could destroy your property in the future? Why allow them to be destroying your equity right now, under your nose, without you even knowing it? Reach out to Nozzle Nolen today for more information, or to get your termite protection in place.

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