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The Best Choice For Stinging Insect Control In South FL

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Wasp control and bee removal can be dangerous and requires a certain skill set, proper equipment, and licensing. Nozzle Nolen’s bee removal specialists have all three of those criteria met, which is why our South Florida pest control company is the best choice when it comes to stinging insect removal.

If you have bees or other stinging insects creating nests in your home, it is important that you seek assistance immediately. If you or a loved one are allergic to bee stings, having a nest close to your home or in your living space can be a hazardous (even life-threatening) situation. Having specialists with proper equipment remove these stinging pests from your property should be your top priority.

Western Honey Bee vs. Africanized Bee

Honey bees and Africanized bees look the same but act completely different. The Africanized bee, also called the “Killer Bee”, is far more territorial and aggressive than the Western honey bee. So it is best to stay away from ALL bees and let a professional inspect the hive with the proper safety equipment. Our inspector will wear a bee suit and provide you with a free inspection of the bee colony that you are dealing with in your home, attic, tree, shed, or lawn.

If you are aware of a bee colony on your property that you did not take care of, you will be responsible for any harm caused by bees attacking neighbors, children, or pets. To view the Florida state recommendations, visit the African Honey Bee Extension and Education Program from the University of Florida.

Nozzle Nolen's Wasp Control And Bee Removal Methods

Discovering a bee infestation or nest full of wasps on your property can turn into a dangerous situation if it is not handled properly. With few exceptions to the rule, controlling stinging insects that have established a colony in or around your home or business requires a trained specialist to eliminate activity within the hive and prevent the stinging insects from returning.

Even if the bees or wasps seem harmless and calm, don’t trust that they will remain that way. Colonies will become increasingly aggressive as their nest is established and they begin to protect their hive.

Treatment methods for stinging insect control depend on the particular location of the nest or hive. Nozzle Nolen will send a certified inspector out to your property to completely assess the situation and determine the best treatment option for your stinging insect troubles. We provide wasp and hornet control as well as bee removal for all bees, including Africanized honey bees (otherwise known as “killer bees”) and Western honey bees.

Nozzle Nolen’s control and removal process includes:

  • A licensed professionals humanely removing the intrusive species from your living space

  • Preventative measures taken in order to inhibit future issues

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