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Perhaps one of the most exciting cities with some of the most spectacular beaches and scenic views in Florida is the city of Vero Beach. Vero Beach has plenty to offer the tourist and the resident alike. Whether you enjoy shopping and fine dining, fishing in the warm South Atlantic waters, kayaking at Indian River Lagoon, or lying on one of our pristine beaches to enhance your tan, you can find it all here in Vero Beach. Unfortunately, another thing that you can find in Vero Beach is pests. Cockroachesmillipedesmosquitoesbed bugstermites, and others find Vero Beach the perfect destination to live and breed. Don’t let these pests spoil your slice of paradise; contact the pest control experts at Nozzle Nolen instead. We have been helping homes and business in Vero Beach and across South Florida become and remain pest-free since 1951. Our family owned and operated company is trusted by more than 20,000 of your friends and neighbors for their pest control needs and we can be trusted to handle yours as well. Your Vero Beach pest protection is only a call away.

Home Pest Control in Vero Beach, FL

Let’s face it; you spend countless hours caring for your home. It seems like a never ending task to keep the floors clean and the windows sparkling so as not to spoil your view and just when you think that you can take a break you notice that your yard and shrubs need attention too. There seems to always be some sort of repair or upgrade sitting on your to-do list and you’ve just got to get to that car port area and straighten it out. Yes, keeping your Vero Beach home in order surely does take a lot of time and attention, but you can tirelessly work at all of these tasks and still put your home at risk when you forget to consider pest control services. Pests such as centipedes and ants are a real nuisance when they decide to invade your home and tarnish your pantry. Cockroaches, mice, and mosquitoes can pose a serious health risk to you and your family; and termites can silently damage the structural integrity of your home, even to the point of complete destruction. And let’s not forget about rodents; mice and rats can cause significant damages to home and property with their incessant chewing, and can even cause a house fire when they chew on wires. Pests truly are a risk to you and to your home, but they don’t have to be.

Here at Nozzle Nolen, we offer year-round pest protection services that will keep your home free from common pests that you will face here in Vero Beach, and you can add services such as mosquito abatement, termite monitoring and control, or bed bug elimination services. We offer three levels of protection that can be fit to meet your unique situation and needs. Our Silver pest control package is our basic plan that offers bi-monthly or quarterly visits to protect you from the most common insects in Vero Beach. This is the perfect plan for those with minimal pest issues or for those that live in condos or townhouses. Next, we offer the Gold pest control package. This plan targets a wider range of pests with bi-monthly or quarterly exterior visits and interior service when needed. This package is perfect to tailor to your specific needs and is the perfect plan for your home and your budget when intermediate pest pressures are present. Our most comprehensive plan is our Platinum pest control package which targets the most common insects plus offers limited control of ticksfleas, and other harmful insects along with rodent control services. This plan can be tailored to include monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly exterior treatment with interior treatment as needed. Don’t let you Vero Beach family fall victim to the illnesses that unwanted pests can spread and don’t let your home suffer the damages that destructive pests cause when you have the trusted solution to your pest problems with Nozzle Nolen. Nozzle Nolen has the certified specialists with the training and experience to safely and effectively eliminate your pest pressures. Give us a call today to see how we can help protect your Vero Beach home.

Vero Beach, FL, Bed Bug Treatments

Bed bugs are a growing threat for any city in America, but especially in cities like Vero Beach that attract tourists from all over the globe. You can get the false impression that your home or business is safe because you are not staying at hotels or motels on a regular basis or because you are not in the hospitality business, but this would be a wrong assumption. Bed bugs, despite their name, don’t just infest beds. These creatures can literally be found anywhere. You can surely pick them up at hotels and motels but they can also climb on your shoe or pant leg or into your purse or bag while you are riding in a taxi, bus, or plane. They can be found on boats too. Bed bugs infest department stores, grocery stores, libraries, movie theaters, hospitals, offices, and more. Basically they can be found anywhere that people are. And contrary to popular belief, bed bugs are not drawn to filth. They will invade the most pristine places too because they are looking for a meal, and that meal just happens to be human blood. They could care less how clean or how cluttered an area is as long as it offers them a food source.

If you own a home or a business here in Vero Beach and find bed bugs lurking around, give the bed bug specialists here at Nozzle Nolen a call. We offer a wide range of effective solutions for bed bug elimination that can be tailored to your situation, and our heat treatments can’t be beat for effectiveness and are a non-invasive, fast solution to your bed bug problems. Don’t let the bed bugs bite in your Vero Beach home or business tonight when Nozzle Nolen is right here and can be trusted to safely eliminate them for you.

Termite Control in Vero Beach, FL

Subterranean termites are the most destructive insects to invade Vero Beach homes and businesses. These secretive and elusive pests will invade your home from beneath the ground and stay hidden in tiny mud tubes while continuously marching back and forth from your support structure to their nests deep inside the ground. These pests work non-stop, 24/7/365, and most colonies number in the hundreds of thousands to millions, so it doesn’t take long for severe damages to occur. In fact, these pests cause American home and business owners billions of dollars annually in damages. This is a cost that Vero Beach home and business owners do not have to share in when you partner with Nozzle Nolen for your termite protection or elimination services. Whether you are dealing with the very costly subterranean termite or the invasive drywood termite, we offer effective solutions for you. We utilize the latest technologies in the industry such as baiting stations, and can also combat termites with conventional products, tent fumigation, and vault fumigation as well. We can even offer preventative services to help you avoid this costly invasion if you are fortunate enough to have avoided termites thus far.

Here in the Southeast, it is estimated that one in every five homes has been or will be infested with termites. Don’t let your Vero Beach home or business be on that list. Give Nozzle Nolen a call today to see how affordably we can help you become termite-free or how we can help you to prevent termites altogether.

Vero Beach Boat Pest Control

A big part of life here in Vero Beach revolves around water, and there aren’t many of us who do not own or use boats on a regular basis. But did you know that bugs can infest boats, too? They are not just a threat to your home or your business! Roaches, termites, powder post beetles, and more can find a comfortable home on your yacht or other watercraft causing damage or disease. Here at Nozzle Nolen, we offer marine and boat pest control services to address these issues. We offer guaranteed monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly services to protect your marine interests from these pests. We also offer fumigation services whenever necessary. We even offer inspection services and proper documentation to make your entry and exit from your various ports of call a breeze. Don’t trust your marine interests to anyone less than Nozzle Nolen. We have over 22,000 customers that trust us for their pest control needs and over 55 years of South Florida pest control experience to draw from. When pests are a problem for your Vero Beach marine vehicles, give us a call to discuss how we can help.

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