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Do You Know How To Keep Bed Bugs Out Of Your Port St. Lucie Home?

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By now, you've probably heard about the bed bug problem in the United States. Since the beginning of the new century, bed bugs have been making a comeback. At first, they seemed to only be a problem for hotels and motels and, of course, any homeowners who picked them up from one of these locations and brought them home. Now, they seem to be coming from everywhere. You can't buy a piece of used furniture from a yard sale without wondering if it has bed bugs in it. Here in the Port St. Lucie, bed bugs are a year-round pest control problem. Let's take a look at some tips that will help you avoid bed bugs all year long.

Year-Round Bed Bug Prevention Tips

Cimex lectularius, known to most people as the bed bug, is a commonly misunderstood insect. First, it doesn't live exclusively in beds. A bed bug can be found in a wide range of locations, which we will list below. Second, a bed bug is unaffected by seasonal change outside your home, if you keep your home temperature-controlled. Therefore, the following tips won't focus on climate as a factor, even though warm weather and high humidity will cause bed bugs to grow their populations more quickly.

Know Where To Look

All year long, in every season, it is important to know where to look for bed bugs. You never know when these insects are going to attempt to enter your home like soldiers inside a Trojan horse.

  • Any object that has a cavity can have bed bugs. They can be in a computer or a piano. They can be in the socket of a bed frame or a television set.

  • Any object that has a seam can have bed bugs. While bed bugs love the seams of mattresses and box springs, they also love the seams of clothing, furniture, and other items. Look in seams and creases if you're wondering whether or not an item has bed bugs in it.

  • Any object that has pockets and hiding places can have bed bugs. Bed bugs will hide in anything from luggage to a T-shirt. If they can find a tight, dark place to hide, they'll use it. When they do, they'll be poised to spread to a new location if that object is transportable.

  • Any object that has tight spaces can have bed bugs. A common location for bed bugs is between a mattress and a box spring but bed bugs will just as easily choose to hide under a couch cushion.

Know What To Look For

When you search for bed bugs, it is important to know what you're searching for. Bed bugs look different in each stage of development.

  • Eggs - Bed bug eggs are about 1 mm, pale white, and shiny. They may be found in a small batch or individually.

  • Hatchlings - When bed bugs hatch, they are nymphs. These insects do not have a larval stage. A newly hatched nymph will be pale in color and have six legs, two antennae, and three body parts. If it has had a blood meal, its abdomen will be bright red.

  • Developed nymph - As a bed bug grows, it will become tan in color and the black excrement inside its abdomen will be seen through its skin.

  • Adult bed bugs - This is the stage most people recognize. Images of adult bed bugs are often used by news agencies. Adults are oval in shape, with horizontal creases on the abdomen. They are rusty brown in coloration and their black excrement is slightly visible within their abdomen. If an adult has had a blood meal it will look bloated and pill-shaped with a redder coloration.

The Process Of Looking For Bed Bugs

Bed bugs can come into your home on you or someone else. They can also enter your home inside objects that are carried. They can come from a hotel or from a friend's house. They can come from a movie theater or a taxi cab. They can even come from work or school. Be vigilant, all year long, to do a quick examination for bed bugs.

If bed bugs get past your close scrutiny, reach out to Nozzle Nolen. Our bed bug team is the best in the business. We'll help you eliminate those bugs quickly. Contact us today for more information.

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