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A Fruit Fly Infestation Can Grow Out of Control Really Quickly

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One day you see a tiny speck flying in front of your television or computer monitor. The next day it's a half dozen tiny little specks. And, before you know it, you're walking through swarms of little flies every time you walk into your kitchen. Granted, it is pretty easy to slap your hands and kill a fruit fly. But good luck trying to kill all of them with the hand slapping method. The only way to arrest a fruit fly infestation is to address breeding sites and exterminate all the flies present inside your home. Fruit flies are prolific breeders. If you miss even one female fly and she finds a place to lay a batch of nearly invisible eggs, you're going to be inhaling flies by the dozens again. Here are the two ways you can avoid getting fruit fly infestations in your home.

Personal Fruit Fly Prevention

  • Infestations often begin with a batch of eggs on a piece of fruit. Since these eggs are so tiny, it is difficult to know when they are present. It is good practice to put fruit in the refrigerator instead of in a basket on the kitchen table, if you'd like to avoid having swarms of these insects flying around your home.
  • There are many food sources that can give fruit flies a location to breed. If you have kids, it is good practice to have them eat in the kitchen or dining room. This prevents food from being left around the home to inspire a bug infestation and it also brings kids out into the common areas where conversations can happen.
  • Sometimes fruit flies come in from outside. If they come through your front door when you open it, there isn't a whole lot you can do about that. And fruit flies are so tiny they can find a way through door and window screens. But you can resist unwanted entry by keeping windows and sliding glass doors closed as much as possible. This is another reason to put fruit in the fridge. The smell of fruit sitting on your table will lure fruit flies that are just outside your doors.
  • Before fruit flies are lured into your home, they are lured into your yard by the smell of sweet things in your trash. It is important to keep all external trash in sealed containers. This keeps the sweet smells in and the bugs out. It also prevents fruit flies from breeding in your exterior trash.

Ongoing Pest Service

In our South Florida service area, fruit flies are only one of many pests that find their way into our homes. When you have ongoing pest service, having protection from fruit fly infestations is part of the package deal. If you ever see these irritating insects buzzing around your Florida home, you can expect prompt, courteous, and professional service from your Nozzle Nolen pest control technician. Your technician will help to track down breeding sites and suggest solutions for controlling those flies that include targeted treatments, traps, site modification, and monitoring. In no time those swarms will be gone, and you'll be back to having a pest-free home.

While fruit flies aren't as much of a threat to your health as cockroaches and mice, they still have the potential to make you sick. Fruit flies crawl in trash cans and then climb around on dishes and food prep surfaces. With ongoing pest service, you'll have protection from both.

While fruit flies don't carry diseases or viruses the way ticks and mosquitoes do, they are still irritating to have around. So, while you're investing in protection from bugs that are truly harmful to you and your family, you'll have the quality of life upgrade that comes with fruit fly control.

Fruit flies are a hard pest to exclude from a home. The best protection is a combination of personal prevention and ongoing pest service. Reach out to us and learn about our Silver, Gold, and Platinum pest control packages. We customize our plans to meet your specific needs. There are a lot of harmful pests in South Florida. Let Nozzle Nolen help you keep them outside of your South Florida home, where they belong.

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