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If you have signs of termite damage in your furniture but not in the rest of your home, you may consider vault fumigation to get rid of termites without having to tent your entire home. Nozzle Nolen offers vault fumigation to rid your furniture from drywood termites, powder post beetles, bed bugs, and other wood destroying organisms. Our fumigation vault is located at our West Palm Beach office. Just drop off your furniture and we will cure it of those damaging insects!

Signs Of Termite Damage In Furniture

Certain types of wood, especially older wood often found in antique furniture, is especially susceptible to wood destroying organisms such as drywood termites and powder post beetles. When you fumigate your furniture for termites or other wood destroying organisms, it eradicates the pests without damaging the furniture in any way.

Drywood termites are extremely common in South Florida. If you have drywood termites in a piece of furniture, but not anywhere else in your home, it is easy and inexpensive to treat the individual piece of furniture for drywood termites.

A tell-tale sign that you have drywood termites in your furniture is piles of tiny, golden-brown fecal pellets inside or underneath the furniture.

When Termites Are Discovered In Furniture, Immediate Action Is Required

That is if you want to prevent a larger problem from developing, i.e. the termites lay eggs and multiply.  Furniture fumigation for drywood termites is the best control method as it will kill all insects and their eggs inside the furniture, regardless of where they’re hiding. The process penetrates deep into nesting areas.

Termite Fumigation Treatment Options

The damage that wood destroying insects can cause in furniture, valuables, and antiques can be devastating. But if the worst happens to you, you won’t have to throw your items away! Bring the termite infested furniture to our West Palm Beach office and we will fumigate it in our termite fumigation vault. Nozzle Nolen is one of the only pest control companies in Florida with our own vault at the office for furniture fumigation. We fumigate our vault every Friday morning and the furniture stays in the vault all weekend to ensure all wood destroying pests have been fully eliminated. On Monday morning, you can come back to our West Palm Beach office and pick up your termite-free furniture!

Before you throw away and replace your termite-infested furniture, check with us about your termite fumigation options.

For pricing and to reserve your space in the termite vault, give us a call today!

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