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mud tubs created by termites in a tequesta florida home

There are many pests that can get into our homes and cause problems. Some cause wounds that are immediately painful. Other spread dangerous pathogens that can lead to a lifetime of frustrating medical complications. Termites don't do either of these. They don't bite humans and they don't spread disease. But that doesn't mean they aren't harmful.

In the United States, subterranean termites are a billion dollar problem. This is because these insects consume wood. If they set their eyes on the wood of your South Florida home, you're in serious trouble.

Subterranean termite colonies can have thousands, hundreds of thousands, and even a million individual termites. And these termites can travel several hundred yards to get a bite to eat. This means more than one colony could be feeding on your home at any one time. That's a lot of mouths to feed.

When subterranean termites attack a home, they come up from the ground and feed silently inside wood. You're not going to see them crawling all over your walls and windows--well, unless you have a colony right next to your home and that colony releases swarmers into the air. Most of the time, home and business owners have no idea there is an infestation.

Subterranean termite damage weakens support beams and the studs inside load-bearing walls. This leads to structural issues, and warping, which can be extremely hard to correct. The sad thing is this is an expense that never has to occur at all. There are proactive solutions that prevent termite damage. These solutions use the habits of termites against them.

The Habits Of A Termite

  • Since termites come up from the ground to feed on a man-made structure, the solution must be a ground-based solution. This can be a termiticide barrier or a bait system.

  • Termites share the food they find. Both treatment options take this behavior into account. When termiticide is used, it is injected into the ground all the way around the structure. When termites move through it, they pick it up and share it with other termites in their colony. When bait is used, bait stations are installed in the ground around the foundation perimeter. Termites that come up looking for a meal take the bait and share it with other workers. Both of these treatment options have the potential to not only stop worker termites but destroy the colony that sent them.

  • Termite workers don't focus on one food source. Workers are always looking for more food. This ensures that they find the bait when bait stations are used.

  • Termites eat wood. It is the staple of their diet. For this reason, the bait that is put into bait stations is designed to be more interesting to termites than wood.


In our Advance Termite Baiting System, there is no active ingredient in the bait stations. They are used to monitor termite activity. When activity is seen, the termite control technician adds another cartridge that has the active ingredient. The termites continue to feed on the station and the active ingredient is shared from worker to worker until it works its way back to the queen. When the queen dies, the colony dies with her. No more colony; no more threat. We do it this way to ensure the potency of the treatment and to make sure it finds its way all the way to the queen.


At Nozzle Nolen, we use the #1 termite control product in the United States: Termidor. When Termidor is the option used, you can expect a detailed inspection to be done by a trained and certified termite control professional. The inspector will look for conducive conditions for infestation and determine where the product will need to be applied. It is necessary for a complete barrier to be installed around the entire structure. This must be injected into the soil. Once it is in place, termites that pass through it will become weapons against the colony that sent them. This barrier doesn't last forever, though. It must be maintained.

If you've been on the fence about getting termite protection for your home or business, find out if you're in our South Florida service area. When it comes to protecting property from termites, you can trust Nozzle Nolen and our No-Fine-Print-Million-Dollar Guarantee.

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