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Nozzle's Termite Solutions Prevent Damage in South Florida

Due to their insatiable appetites, termites cause nearly two billion dollars’ worth of residential property damage a year across the United States – a staggering amount when considering that termite damage isn’t normally covered by homeowners insurance.

As social insects, termite colonies can be highly destructive, wreaking havoc on homes all across West Palm Beach, Port St. Lucie, Lake Worth, Tequesta, Jupiter, Broward County, and Miami-Dade County well before any damage is detected. Due to the costly repairs that termite damage can cause, termite prevention from Nozzle Nolen is imperative to protect your home from these wood-destroying pests.

termite damage in a west palm beach basement
To protect against the open air, subterranean termites construct mud tubes that connect their underground colonies to above-ground food sources. It is common to find termite mud tubes climbing the foundation or elsewhere in or near your structure.
a pile of termite frass
Drywood termite droppings resemble pile of pellets. Also known as frass, they are an indication of a drywood termite infestation.
technician inspecting the kitched in a south florida home
A Nozzle Nolen termite professional will conduct a thorough inspection to determine if termites are present and what conducive conditions are present.

South Florida Termites & Pest Control Treatment Options

Florida and many surrounding southeastern states have the highest rates of termite infestations across the nation – including infestations from subterranean termites and drywood termites. It’s estimated that one in every five homes have been infested with termites or will be infested at some point in the future.

Nozzle Nolen offers several preventative and curative termite treatment options in South Florida. Termite control services include termite baiting systems, termite detection systems, traditional tenting, and a vault for portable items such as couches, tables, or beds. Our preventative termite treatment options are extremely safe and environmentally sensitive.

Nozzle Nolen's termite control services include:

  • Extensive Inspection and Consultation – During your inspection, your Nozzle Nolen technician will extensively evaluate anything on your property that may create conducive conditions for a termite infestation, such as moisture in the soil around your home, wood-to-ground contact, and roof or plumbing leaks.

  • Preventive Termite Treatments – Once inspections are complete, our expert technicians will provide preventative treatments – complete with a one-year guarantee – based upon existing termite evidence.

Nozzle Nolen’s termite services are customized based on the results of your free inspection. All termite control services are backed by the Nozzle Nolen Guarantee: If termites come back within one year, our technicians will return to handle the issue – free of charge.


Drywood Termites

What do Drywood Termites Look Like?
Drywood termites
are small and have three separate castes within their colonies. However, unlike subterranean termites, drywood termite workers, soldiers, and reproductives can vary in looks.

Drywood termite swarmers are normally light brown, but they can vary from dark brown to a yellowish-tan. These winged termites (alates) also have two sets of translucent grey wings. The front set of wings has a pattern of three or more well-pigmented veins. Swarmers shed these wings very quickly after swarming. Most dead swarmer bodies do not have attached wings.

Drywood termite soldiers have large mandibles (pincers) with teeth, and their pronotum (a prominent, plate-like structure that covers all or part of the thorax) is as wide – or wider – than the head. Also, most drywood termite soldiers and workers are larger than the soldiers and workers in subterranean termite colonies..

When are Drywood Termites Active?
Drywood termites are a year-round concern in Florida, with an increase of activity in the spring and early summer when they swarm.

a drywood termite on a white background

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Pest Control for Drywood Termites

Tent Fumigation
The most effective way to eliminate a drywood termite infestation is through tent fumigation. The fumigant is a non-residual product – meaning once the job is done and the tent is removed, all items within your home are residue-free and do not need to be washed or cleaned. Tent fumigation is also available for termite infestations on boats

Tape and Seal Fumigation
Available for single-story buildings, single-family homes, and yachts, tape and seal fumigation is effective at resolving termite infestations without having to tent the entire structure. Our fumigation experts will seal the structure – including vents and vent pipes – to ensure the fumigant is contained to the infested property, monitoring the entire process using state-of-the-art equipment.  

Vault Fumigation
Vault fumigation protects your valuable furniture, mattresses, and other portable items from bed bugs, powder post beetles, termites, and other wood-destroying pests. Vault fumigation treatments are done out of our West Palm Beach, FL, location.

Tentless Treatment
Tentless treatments are ideal for those who only need a localized treatment for a drywood termite infestation. Call us today to see if your home qualifies for this treatment option.


Subterranean Termites

What do subterranean termites look like?
There are three different divisions – or castes – of subterranean termites in a colony: workers, soldiers, and reproductives.

  1. Workers are white, approximately 1/8-inch long, and wingless.
  2. Soldiers are slightly larger than the workers, wingless, and white or beige with large brown heads with chewing jaws.
  3. Reproductives are the largest members of the colony. These 1/2-inch, long-winged termites are responsible for enlarging the colony through mating and reproduction.

When are subterranean termites active?
Subterranean termites are active throughout the year with swarming occurring in the spring.

subterranean termite on white background

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Pest Control for Subterranean Termites

Advanced Termite Baiting System
The Advanced Termite Baiting System is a smart termite solution that is a pet-friendly and environmentally sound treatment for subterranean termites around your home. Bait stations with inactive ingredient cartridges are placed around your property to monitor for the presence of termites.

When Nozzle Nolen returns to inspect the stations and termites are discovered, the cartridge is then replaced with a termite bait cartridge that contains an active ingredient. The termites will then eat and share the bait with the colony. The termite colony then starts to die and is eventually eliminated. Once the colony has died, we continue monitoring with a new inspection cartridge.

Benefits of the Advanced Termite Baiting System include:

  • Complete termite colony elimination in 120 days or fewer.
  • Less invasive and intrusive (no drilling, dust, liquid chemicals, or noise).
  • Sound environmental choice.
  • Only a few hours of install time.

Termidor® Termite Treatments
As a pet-friendly liquid treatment, Termidor is placed around the perimeter of your home or building to create a zone of protection. To gain entry, termites must crawl through the product. Termidor is a contact treatment, which contaminates foraging termites once they pass through the liquid. Termites that have been in contact with Termidor will carry it back to other termites, resulting in the complete elimination of the termite colony.

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At Nozzle Nolen, our advanced pest control solutions will ensure termites don’t take you by surprise. With more than six decades of experience, our expert technicians will protect your home from termite damage that could cost you thousands. If you think termites have been whittling your wood or you simply need peace of mind knowing termites aren’t shacking up nearby, don’t hesitate to schedule your free termite inspection in South Florida with Nozzle Nolen today!

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