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Superior Attic Insulation That Also Keeps Bugs Out

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Thermal Acoustical Pest (TAP) prevention for attics is a great way to permanently protect your home from pests while effectively insulating your home. TAP insulation resists unwanted heat transfer, and unlike fiberglass insulation, it controls pests, keeps homes quieter, helps limit the spread of fire, and lowers energy costs. TAP is also a great green option because it is a cellulose-based insulation with borates, so it performs pest control with fewer products, is natural, permanent, and minimizes the energy cost of cooling your home.

Save Landfill Space While Protecting Your Home From Pests

Newspapers make up a large component of residential waste and poses a disposal problem for communities all over the country. When TAP is installed in a ranch style home of 1,500 square feet, the same amount of newsprint that a family would use in 40 years’ time is recycled! In addition to recycling the waste, TAP also removes the waste completely from the waste stream and frees the landfill space.

When you recycle raw materials like newspapers locally to create cellulose insulation, there is no need to transport raw materials long distances to cellulose insulation plants. Borates make up about 11 percent of TAP by weight, and is the only material that must be transplanted for the creation of TAP insulation. This saves energy transporting products to and from distant landfills or de-inking plants. TAP insulation is a great green option for protecting your home from pests, lowering your energy costs, and reducing annoying outside noises!

TAP Acoustical Pest Control Absorbs Noise

Heat and sound transfer most easily through solid materials. TAP acoustical insulation is not a solid material and it efficiently reduces the transmission of sound through the ceiling where it is installed.

TAP is created from 87% de-fiberized newsprint. The newsprint is reduced in size before it is fed through a machine that pulls the wood based fibers apart to expose pores. It becomes a lot like a cotton ball in substance and all of the tiny fibers of pores and voids absorb noise from disturbances like airplanes, street traffic, and lawnmowers to make your home quieter and more peaceful.  

The TAP installation process allows the insulation to completely fill all of the little nooks and tiny spaces unlike fiberglass insulation, which is cut to be stuffed behind pipes or to fit into small places. When fiberglass insulation is cut, the R-Value is reduced and both noise and heat escapes.

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