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Not only is the city of Stuart, Florida, considered “The Sailfish Capital of the World”, but it also possess the perfect environment for pests like rodentsroachestermites, bed bugs, and more to thrive. Some pests, like the mouse and termite, pose a risk to the structural integrity of buildings and some, like mice, roaches, and mosquitoesendanger the health of those who call Stuart home. However, Stuart residents have a strong ally in the fight against harmful and damaging pests when they choose to partner with Nozzle Nolen for complete year-round pest protection services. Our pest control experts not only have access to state-of-the-art technologies and innovative materials and protocols, but we have 65 years of local pest control experience to draw from. When pests become an issue on your Stuart, Florida property, contact the company that more than 20,000 of your friends and neighbors trust each month for their pest control needs – Nozzle Nolen. We are only a call away.

Stuart, FL Home Pest Control Services

When you consider the damages that pests can cause and the illnesses that they can spread, there is no doubt that homes here in Stuart, Florida need to consider a reliable, trusted pest control company for year-round pest protection services. Nozzle Nolen is that company. We are a locally owned and operated pest control company with 65 years of experience in local pest pressures, so we understand local pests and the issues they cause. This is why our experts have developed three levels of protection for you to choose from which allows us to customize a pest protection planspecifically for you. Whether you choose our Silver, Gold, or Platinum pest protection package, you can know that pests will be safely and effectively eliminated and that your services will be backed by the Nozzle Nolen name and guarantee. Trust the company that tens of thousands of your friends and neighbors turn to for their pest control needs - Nozzle Nolen. To see which plan is right for your Stuart home, contact us today.

Bed Bug Heat Treatments in Stuart, Florida

Did you know that heat can kill bed bugs? No, that is not to say that those very hot summer days will eliminate these pests for you! Even here in Stuart, Florida the temperatures do not get high enough to kill bed bugs. But when bed bugs invade, the bed bug experts here at Nozzle Nolen are trained to safely raise the temperature in your Stuart home to exactly the right temperature and maintain it long enough to kill all stages of bed bugs present. We use specialized equipment to monitor and circulate the air to ensure that every nook and cranny is treated and to ensure that your home and your belongings remain safe. Bed bugs are elusive and difficult to eradicate, but heat treatments are fast, effective, and eco-friendly. When bed bugs decide to bite in your Stuart, Florida home or business, contact the bed bug experts here at Nozzle Nolen to see if heat is the right answer for you.

Lawn Care Services In Stuart, FL

There is no denying that the climate here in Stuart, Florida is pretty near perfect. That is why we see so many ‘snow birds’ and tourists. But this perfect climate for us is actually quite hard on our lawns. High temperatures and very dry conditions give way to tropical systems with extreme rains which give way to cooler temperatures (with even an occasional morning of freezing temperatures and rare flakes of snow) which give way to our ‘rainy’ season. When El Nino or any of the ‘out of the ordinary’ weather patterns develop – well all bets are off! Our lawns stand through all of this change, but not without repercussions. The ever changing environment here in Stuart can leave lawns stressed, malnourished, and prone to disease and pest infestation which adds further devastation to roots and blades; and our shrubs, ornamentals and trees suffer the same malady. Having the perfect lawn here in Stuart not only takes a lot of time and hard work, but it also takes a lot of specialized knowledge. That is why so many of your friends and neighbors have chosen to leave their lawns, shrubs and ornamentals in the hands of the lawn care experts here at Nozzle Nolen. They know that our highly trained and experienced professionals have done their homework and know how to care for your yard. They can quickly identify pest invasions and can spot fungus, mold, and other diseases; and they know exactly what to do to fix the problem and alleviate the conditions that led to it. Not only are our services affordable, but when our experts care for your lawn, it frees up your time – which is way more valuable! If you would like to discuss how Nozzle Nolen can help you maintain a lush, green, healthy lawn and free up your time so you can focus on other ‘more important’ things – give us a call or a click today.

Our lawn care services include:

  • Treatment of turf disease including: dollar spot, brown patch, pythium blight, take-all root rot, and gray leaf spot.

  • Treatment of pests including: grubs, sodweb worms, and chinch bugs.

  • Fertilization.

  • Weed control.

  • Tree and shrub care.

Local Stuart, FL Pest Control Experts

There is a lot to be said about the benefits of a locally owned and operated pest control company. When you partner with a local company, you can know that they understand the local pest pressures far better than someone ‘from away’. The people that work in your local company are friends and neighbors that have a vested interest in successful solutions. After all, they do not live in ‘east overshoe’; they live and work and play right where you do. Then there is the benefit of being able to walk right into your local office and of being able to talk to someone face-to-face. A far better option than ‘please press one’ or finding yourself on the line with someone who is manning a call center half way across the globe. Yes, the benefits of dealing with a locally owned and operated pest control company are endless; and they are all found when you partner with Nozzle Nolen for your Stuart, Florida pest control and lawn care needs. With over 65 years of experience, our locally owned and operated company offers local service, local quality and local solutions that work. When pests create issues on your Stuart, Florida property trust the company that more than 20,000 of your friends and neighbors trust each month with their pest control and lawn care solutions. Nozzle Nolen – Stuart, Florida’s choice for local, effective pest control and lawn care services.

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