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Our South FL Rodent Control Pros Know How To Get Rid Of Mice & Rats

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Rodents are extremely clever, and generally outwit common trapping devices. If you’ve ever tried to catch one for yourself, you know how frustrating it can be. Rodents are also very dirty and destructive critters. Professional elimination of rodents from your home or business is critical in protecting you from the infectious diseases they transmit and the damage they inflict to the structures. This job is best suited for Nozzle Nolen. We are professional rodent exterminators who have a few clever tricks of our own.

At Nozzle Nolen, we offer a variety of rodent control methods to get rid of rodents in your home or business. Oh, and we’ll also prevent them from returning! 

Rodent Trapping

Nozzle Nolen rodent control experts will place traps around your home or business and replace as needed. We’ll remove rodents from each trap as they are caught.  

Rodent Monitoring Programs

Our recurring pest removal services include rodent monitoring programs to ensure all rodents are removed from your property and to ensure they don’t return.

Sealing Of Rodent Access Points To A Structure

If you have rodents inside your home or business the first thing we need to do is find out how they are getting in and then seal it to prevent further infestation. Nozzle Nolen will seal and close all points of entry.

Removal And Sterilization Of Rodent Feces In Accessible Areas

Because rodent feces can transfer diseases to humans, the removal and sterilization of rodent feces from your home or business is essential for your health.

Replacement Of Contaminated Insulation Add-On 

If your property has had rodents, there’s a good chance your insulation is contaminated. Available for an additional charge, Nozzle Nolen will replace all contaminated insulation in your home.  

Why You Need Rodent Control

Every year in the United States, rats cause between $500 million and $1 billion in property damage or health issues. The World Health Organization estimates that rats contaminate and destroy enough food annually to feed over 200 million people.   And that’s not taking into account how destructive mice are! Rodents in your home or business are something to worry about – unless you have Nozzle Nolen providing rodent control services.

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