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Written By Paul Sugrue, a Technical Director IPM Specialist

termites on wood in west palm beach home

This termite season has already proven to be an active one.

Termites are extremely destructive pests and must be dealt with. But treating them in an environmentally sensitive way can be a challenge. This season there is a brand new product that is revolutionizing Subterranean Termite treatments. This product is DuPont™ Altriset™. This product is a very targeted non-repellent termiticide that provides excellent control of termites yet has minimal impact on the environment. Altriset™ stops termite feeding within hours while providing termite elimination for critical long-term structural protection. This product can be used both as a preventive treatment and curative treatment for Subterranean Termites. Just as important, Altriset™ offers an excellent toxicological and environmental profile. In addition to requiring no signal word or caution on the label, it is the first and only liquid termiticide to be classified as reduced-risk under the U.S. EPA reduced-risk program.

But just how low of an impact does this product have?

As well as having no “warning” or “caution” on the label, it does not require any specific first aid intervention if anyone is accidentally exposed. No protective equipment is needed to apply the product either. Further, Altriset™ has such a low environmental impact it will not harm any mammals, birds, bees, or fish. But it works great on termites! This is because DuPont scientists have found a way to mimic a natural insect repellant found in certain tree and shrub bark. By finding inspiration in nature, DuPont has found a groundbreaking way to treat one of Florida’s most destructive pests in an extremely safe, sensitive manner. This product is a huge breakthrough for the pest management industry and we are all very excited for the positive innovations that are happening.

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