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Palm Beach Island has a year-round population of about 9,000 people, but the population swells to about 20,000 during the winter months when many people come from the colder, northern states to enjoy the beautiful mild winter weather. Along with great people, beaches, and neighborhoods, Palm Beach Island is home to the world-famous shopping found on Worth Avenue. The residents of Palm Beach Island also have the benefit of having their homes and business protected by the highly experienced and dedicated pest professionals at Nozzle Nolen. Nozzle Nolen has been providing quality pest controls services since 1951 and understands the unique needs that come along with eliminating and controlling pests in South Florida! 

Palm Beach Island, FL Home Pest Control

Carpenter antsearwigs, fire ants, miceroaches, and other insects are all pests that thrive in the warm humid weather found on Palm Beach Island. But, insects and pests are more than just a nuisance to have living in and around your home and property. Fire ants can pose significant dangers to you, your children and pets, mice can introduce serious diseases into your home and contaminate food sources, and carpenter ants can cause significant structural damage to your home. To protect your property from the pests that want to call it home, the best defense is a good offense. Let the professionals at Nozzle Nolen defend your property from pests by providing proactive year-round home pest control services!

We offer three choices of home pest control, this allows us to meet the needs of each of our customers. All of our home pest control programs include the trimming back of trees and shrubs away from the exterior of your home, sealing pest access points found around your home, and providing a full perimeter treatment around your structure.

Our Platinum Package package provides our homeowners with superior pest protection against a wide variety of common insects and rodents. This package provides monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly services. To find out more about the Platinum package or our two other home pest control packages, give us a call today!

Termite Control In Palm Beach Island, Florida

In South Florida termite infestation are a serious problem, it is estimated that one out of every five homes has been or will be infested by termites. Those odds are not in the favor of Palm Beach Island home or business owners. Termites are active year-round in Florida and therefore need to be (not should be) prevented against year-round! The professionals at Nozzle Nolen are able to provide safe and effective termite control services to protect properties from both subterranean and drywood termites.

  • Subterranean termites live in underground nests; they tend to accidentally enter into properties while foraging for food. Once inside they attack structural wood, especially if the wood is damp or has been previously damaged by water.

  • Drywood termites prefer to feed on dry wood and instead of living underground, they usually nest in the wood that they are infesting. Drywood termites can be found feeding on furniture and other wooden structures.

Nozzle Nolen can provide effective preventative and elimination services for either species of termites. No matter which option you choose, our termite treatment will include an extensive inspection and consultation, followed by preventative treatment! Contact us today to learn more about our specific termite treatment options to control termites on your Palm Beach Island property!

Bed Bug Heat Treatments In Palm Beach Island, FL

Bed bugs are parasitic pests that can be found living in public places like hotels, motels, libraries, movie theaters, and dormitories. Bed bugs living in public areas crawl onto people or their belongings and then hitchhike their way into a home or business. Preventing a bed bug infestation is difficult; because of this Nozzle Nolen recommends routine bed bug inspections for your Palm Beach Island property. If bed bugs are ever discovered you can be sure that Nozzle Nolen can quickly, discreetly, and effectively get rid of the entire infestation!

Our heat treatment option to eliminate bed bugs goes beyond industry standards and is the most effective bed bug treatment we offer. Heat treatment from the pros at Nozzle Nolen is completed in 4 easy steps.

  1. Our professionals identify the source of the bed bug infestation in your specific property. This knowledge will help to stop a re-infestation.

  2. We will identify the steps that you need to take to help prepare for the heat treatment.

  3. The day of treatment our experienced heat crew arrives to finish preparing your home. The heat treatment is performed and all the bed bugs living in your home will be 100% eliminated.

  4. That evening you are free to re-enter your property and sleep soundly without the threat of bed bugs biting!

Contact us today to find out more information about our heat treatment or other bed bug treatment options!

Why Hire Nozzle Nolen For Pest Control In Palm Beach Island, Florida

We believe that there are many reasons why you should hire Nozzle Nolen to perform pest control services for your Palm Beach Island property. Listed below are some of the many great reasons why!

  • We have the best mascot in the business- Peanut, the elephant!

  • Nozzle Nolen is a local, family owned and operated business. Our employees live in the communities that they serve, helping to give them a greater understanding of all our customer’s needs.

  • We are committed to providing environmentally and pet-friendly services.

  • Nozzle Nolen is the only pest control company in South Florida to offer a Green Shield Certified green service! 

  • We offer comprehensive pest control services that can be customized to eliminate and control any pest that decides to invade a Palm Beach Island home or business!

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