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When John D. MacArthur first envisioned the city of Palm Beach Gardens, he desired to develop a “garden city” that protected the natural beauty and natural resources of the area while offering people a community where they could comfortably live and work. That vision continues to this day as this signature city continues to grow while remaining committed to maintaining an environment of excellence with more than 30% of its land being dedicated as green space. This little city has grown to be a desired location for residents and tourists alike and is home to more than 48,000 permanent residents. It is also home to many insects, rodents, and spiders that also enjoy all the amenities that Palm Beach Gardens has to offer. Nozzle Nolen understands the nuances of each neighborhood here in Palm Beach Gardens and the unique threat that local pests cause. Whether you own a business or a home here in Palm Beach Gardens, a year-round pest prevention plan from Nozzle Nolen will help to keep your property pest-free all year long. Not only is our family-owned and operated local pest control company committed to excellence in serving you with effective, affordable solutions for the pest pressures you face, but we are also committed to excellence in protecting our environment and are the only pest control company in South Florida to offer a Green Shield Certified green service! To learn more about how to keep your family or your clients safe from pests while keeping our environment safe for future generations to enjoy, contact us today.

Palm Beach Gardens, FL Home Pest Control

Nozzle Nolen offers three levels of protection for Palm Beach Gardens residents to choose from that can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your Palm Beach Gardens home. Whether you require monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly service to keep your home pest-free all year long, we have the affordable plan that is right for you. Here’s what you can expect:
Silver Package – allows you to choose bi-monthly or quarterly services that focus on exterior treatments with interior services as needed. This basic package is great for homeowners with minimal pest pressures such as those living in condos and townhouses. This service is effective at controlling nuisance ants and other common household pests.

Gold Package – allows you to choose monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly services that focus on exterior treatments with interior services as needed. This package is great for those looking for general pest control services to target common household pests. This plan includes control for nuisance ants, carpenter ants, roaches, wasps, earwigs, and silverfish. (Additional charges apply for German cockroach cleanouts.)

Platinum Package - allows you to choose monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly services that focus on exterior treatments with interior services as needed. This package is great for those looking for comprehensive pest control services for a wide variety of pests including nuisance antsroacheswasps, earwigs, silverfish, rats, mice, fleas, ticks, and bees. (Some additional services may be required including additional charges for German cockroach cleanouts, bee hive removal, rodent exclusion work, and possibly lawn contract for broadcast sprays for fleas and ticks in severe cases.)

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Termite Control in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

One of the most costly pests to invade Palm Beach Gardens properties is the termite. These pests are responsible for billions of dollars worth of damage each year across the country, and some of that damage occurs right here in Palm Beach Gardens. Proactively protect your home or business from the costly damages that termites cause with termite control services from Nozzle Nolen. Our termite experts offer industry leading termite monitoring and control solutions including:

  • Extensive inspection and consultation service
  • Discreet termite baiting services
  • Discreet termite detection systems
  • Effective preventative treatments
  • Tent fumigation services
  • Vault fumigation services
  • Termidor treatment
  • No fine print million dollar guarantee

Commercial Pest Control Services Available In Palm Beach Gardens, FL

You have worked hard to ensure the success of your Palm Beach Gardens business, and it would be a shame to let pests disrupt all that you have accomplished. Cockroaches can sicken employees and clients, mice and rats can damage property and spread disease – the list of threats to your business from pests is endless. The most effective way to keep pests from disrupting your business here in Palm Beach Gardens is to implement a year-round pest protection service from the experts at Nozzle Nolen. We offer services that are tailored to meet the specific requirements of your particular industry, flexible schedules, and fast emergency response times. Our experts utilize Integrated Pest Management (IPM) strategies, EPA approved reduced-risk products, and employee education programs to resolve pest pressures and help to keep them from reoccurring. To learn more about our eco-friendly, effective pest control solutions for your Palm Beach Gardens business, contact us today.

Why Choose Nozzle Nolen for Pest Control in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

Since 1951, the Nolen family has been offering South Florida residents effective, affordable pest control solutions for their homes and businesses. Where we are a local, family-owned-and-operated business, you can count on the personalized service and attention to detail that comes from experts that have a vested interest in our community. At Nozzle Nolen, our customers are more like an extension of our family; it’s personal. We shop at the same stores, frolic on the same beaches, our children attend the same schools, and we root for the same teams under the Friday night lights. Keeping our community safe is just as important to us as it is to you. You can’t get that kind of personal touch and commitment with a national chain or out of a DIY box! If you are looking for effective, eco-friendly services for your Palm Beach Gardens home or business, check us out - ask around, talk to one of our more than 20,000 valued customers, and then give us a call for your free inspection. We are confident that you will find that the superior customer service experience and the effective resolution of your pest pressures is well worth the call – come join the Nozzle Nolen family!

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