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As a partner, Nozzle Nolen frequently posts articles on Our Wonderful World. See below for a list of our archived articles.

Top 5 South Florida Lawn Killers In The Fall

a south florida lawn being mowed

Cultivating the perfect lawn is tricky, especially in South Florida. The weather is ideal for growth, but your lawn in not the only thing that is flourishing in the Florida sunshine. Insects, weeds and fungi also flourish due to the ideal conditions. Learn more about the top 5 South Florida lawn killers in this article from Nozzle Nolen.

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Protect Your Trees

technician inspecting shrubs outside of a south florida home

Many Florida trees are susceptible to aphids, mites, whiteflies and a variety of other harmful pests, which sometimes leave us with a difficult decision — spray the tree and kill every insect on it or leave the insects alone and let the tree get eaten. Learn more about how to protect your trees in South Florida.

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How To Identify A Chinch Bug Infestation

a lawn with dead spots

The summer months in South Florida are the peak growing months for grass, trees and shrubs. During this time of the year, your lawn and ornamental plants should be looking their best. But sometimes, you still get some brown spots patched throughout your lawn which means that you could be hosting a chinch bug party.

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What's Killing My Lawn?

wheel barrow next to a garden in a south florida yard

Growing and maintaining a lush lawn should be easy in South Florida’s climate, but unfortunately it’s not. Lawns require a lot of attention and a little bit of expertise to keep them green and beautiful. Read this article to get a better understanding of the 5 common problems with South Florida lawns and what could be killing yours.

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Termite Awareness: What You Need To Know To Protect Your Home

termites in a lake worth florida yard

Termites can be found in every state except for Alaska, but in South Florida’s subtropical climate we are especially susceptible to termite infestations. According to the National Pest Management Association, termites cause over $5 billion in property damage each year in the United States!

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Monster Mosquitoes? Protect Yourself This Summer!

a person pointing a swelled up mosquito bite on their arm

No one likes mosquitoes. They are aggressive and annoying. Their bites itch and are inflamed. And, they also carry diseases such a malaria, dengue fever, yellow fever, and many others. Protecting yourself and your family from these pests is not just about comfort, it is about protecting you all from diseases as well.

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