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How Rodents Impact Your Home

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Having rodents on your property is not a good thing, especially if they are present in large numbers. No one likes the idea of rats scurrying around the perimeter of their foundation. Squirrels digging up the flower gardens every year is certainly a headache. And finding a pile of hairless baby mice in the corner of a shed can be quite disturbing. But what is even worse than seeing rodents multiplying outside your Tequesta property is seeing them (or seeing the signs they leave behind) inside your Tequesta home. Not only are rodents bad news for the structure of your home, they are a health hazard (not to mention just plain disturbing) for the people living inside the home.

How Rodents Impact Your Home

When mice, rats, or even squirrels, find their way into homes, they can cause all sorts of problems, from damaging structures to making the occupants sick. Here is how rodents can harm the physical structure of your home or the items inside your home.

  • Rodents make holes. If you have small holes on the outside of your home, rodents can chew and make those holes large enough to squeeze through. Once inside, they may decide to make more holes and chew more entrance/exit holes from the inside. They will also chew holes in walls or baseboards in order to get from wall voids into living areas, especially areas where food is present.

  • Rodents disturb insulation. Rodents not only move insulation so that it is no longer insulating, but they also soil it with their urine and feces when they create nests out of it.

  • Rodents chew stored items. With their ever-growing incisors, mice, rats, and squirrels are likely to chew on any items that are being stored in attics or other areas. If you have keepsakes hidden away in a "safe" place, and rodents are present, then those keepsakes are not safe.

  • Rodents chew on other things. These animals will gnaw on anything available, from wood to wiring. And if they chew on electrical wires inside walls, and a spark happens, they could destroy much more than one wire.

How Rodents Impact The People In Your Home

There are many different ways rodents can impact people living inside an infested home. Here are just a few.

  • Rodents cause money loss. When rodents create holes in walls and roof areas and move insulation, heat is going to go right out the window (or the walls and roof). And this means money going to go right out of your wallet. Money will be lost as long as that damage exists, and it will be lost when repairs need to be made. And the longer you wait, the more money it will take because a few rodents don't stay a few rodents for long. They multiply.

  • Rodents can cause a lack of sleep. When rodents are scurrying inside walls, especially at bedtime and during the night, this can cause sleep disturbances that can affect how people perform at their daily tasks. Whether working at home or at a workplace, lack of sleep is never a good thing.

  • Rodents spread diseases. Mice, rats, squirrels, and other rodents can carry many bacterium on their fur or inside their bellies which can be transferred to humans when deposited in areas where food is stored or prepared. Mild reactions may be apparent in flu-like symptoms.

Why DIY For Rodents Is Not An Effective Solution

While there are steps a homeowner can take to try to get rid of a rodent infestation, it is generally not a good idea, for safety reasons. And, DIY solutions typically are not effective at completely eradicating a rodent problem.

  • Keeping things clean. While this may help keep rodents away in the first place, it will do nothing to make rodents move out of your home. If nests are already established, but food can no longer be found inside the home, a rodent will simply find food outside, and just come back inside when it is time to sleep.

  • Getting cats to catch those mice. First of all, not every cat is a good mouser. And second, even a good mouser cannot get inside wall voids to catch all those rodents hiding in there.

  • Traps. While some traps will catch some rodents, it is highly unlikely you will be able to catch all the rodents inside your home using traps. To totally get rid of an infestation, knowledge, experience, and proper equipment are key.

How Nozzle Nolen Can Help

While it may be possible to keep rodents out by sealing up walls and keeping things super clean, getting mice, rats, squirrels, or other animals out of your home is a different challenge. The professional pest control technicians at Nozzle Nolen know the habits and habitats of rodents and how to make a home rodent-free. Reach out to us today with questions or to schedule a FREE inspection.

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