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Lawn Care, Lawn Disease & Fungus Control

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If lawn and ornamental pests are stressing you out, or you’re tired of your lawn looking dried up and dead, you need Nozzle Nolen’s lawn care services.

South Florida lawns are susceptible to several turf diseases:

  • Dollar Spot

  • Brown Patch

  • Pythium Blight

  • Take-All Root Rot

  • Gray Leaf Spot

Lawn diseases can cause irregularly shaped areas in your grass, brown patches, discolored grass, and eventually the death of your lawn. These lawn diseases are all treatable with the help of a regular lawn care service from Nozzle Nolen.

All Natural Lawn Fertilization

All lawns benefit from regular fertilizer applications throughout the growing season. Nozzle Nolen is now using the best environmentally friendly liquid fertilizer that will help to promote a vigorous, healthy lawn that can out-compete weeds.

One of just a few companies in Florida to use Bio Green®, Nozzle Nolen uses this bio-based fertilizer (not synthetic) to create a healthy growing environment for your lawn and ornamentals.  Safer for your family and the environment, this all natural fertilizer feeds lawns, plants, trees, and shrubs with all the nutrients they need to survive.  It also promotes steady growth, balances pH levels, strengthens roots, increases color, and improves the condition of the topsoil.    

Weed Control

In addition to fungus and disease, South Florida lawns are adversely affected by weeds.  Common types of weeds in our region include:

  • Dollar Weed

  • Crab Grass

  • Florida Pusley (also referred to as Florida Snow)

Some degree of weed control is often required to supplement even the best lawn care practices. Some weeds can be chemically controlled after they have emerged. Others, particularly grassy weeds, are better controlled “pre-emergence.” Note that there are no chemicals currently available to control grassy weeds in St. Augustine Lawns. For all grass types, you need to know where the weed pressure is, what the weeds are, and then select the right product for control and apply it at the right time. Call Nozzle Nolen for help controlling your weeds and caring for your lawn.

Do it Yourself Tips - read manual: University of Florida: Homeowner Best Management Practices for the Home Lawn

Green Lawn Care Services

Other pest control companies will volunteer to dowse your lawn with product, whereas all of Nozzle Nolen’s lawn solutions are green and pet-friendly. Our expert technicians will carefully inspect your lawn and once an issue is properly diagnosed, the proper treatment is only applied if injurious insects appear on the lawn or ornamental plants. Other green treatment options include systemically treating at-risk plants via root injection. The added benefit of root injection is that it only eliminates the harmful lawn insects while leaving beneficial insects unharmed.

Tree & Shrub Care

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Nozzle Nolen can take care of all of your trees’ insect problems and fertilization needs. Some common ornamental pests in South Florida include aphids, whiteflies, thrips, and Sri Lanka weevils.  With Nozzle Nolen’s green tree and shrub care, we will systematically treat at-risk plants by root injection.

Read our prevention guide to learn more about protecting your trees and shrubs.

Lawn Pests Control Services

Nozzle Nolen offers lawn pest control services designed with our Florida climate in mind, providing protection for your lawn all year-round. Many of our lawns, shrubs, gardens, and trees are regularly threatened by lawn pests. Our warm Florida climate makes these pests a threat year-round which can greatly damage your lawn or ornamentals. Our pest control services will protect your lawn from bugs, grubs, chinch bugs, and sod webworms.


Grubs eat the roots of plants and grasses. If grubs continue to feed on your turf, your turf will die in large patches. Grub damage can often look like the lawn has been through a drought, as the greenery becomes a grayish-green color that wilts in hot weather. You can also tell if your lawn is infested with grubs by walking on it. A grub-infested lawn can feel spongy under your feet because the larvae like to tunnel under the surface.

Chinch Bugs

Grass damaged by chinch bugs turns yellow and then straw-colored when it dies off completely. You may think the area needs to be watered, but the grass will not recover even if you water it consistently after the chinch bug damage. Chinch Bugs will literally suffocate a lawn by blocking water and food from getting to the plant. You’ll see the damage most commonly between June and September.

Sod Webworms

As the sod grows, so do the sod webworms. During the winter, sod webworm larvae will lie under the soil. Once the weather warms up in the spring, the larvae will move toward the surface so they can feed on the fresh green grass as it grows. Damages caused by sod webworms will appear in small brown patches.

Visit our lawn pest identification page to learn more about these pests.

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