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Getting rid of ants isn't as easy as you might think

an ant and its larvae in a west palm beach florida home

Florida is home to many native species of ants, but most of the nuisance species of ants we encounter are invasive species. These pests can contaminate food, damage your home and lawn, and even injure people and pets. Getting rid of ants isn’t always easy, and requires you to identify the particular species you’re dealing with. To make sure you get it right the first time, consider consulting with a Florida pest control services provider.

Protect Your Home From Ants

When ants invade your home, they can cause damage in a lot of different areas. Aside from getting into your food, they can also build nests in electrical boxes, condensate lines, and even in sewer vents. Some species of ants can damage woodwork, while others will explore the inside of your home, leaving a pheromone trail for others to follow.

Getting ants out of your home involves identifying the species of ant, and eliminating whatever attracted them to the home in the first place. This could be improperly stored food, water-damaged woodwork, edible plants, or any of a range of other factors. Solving an ant problem on your own can be frustrating and time consuming. A Florida pest control services provider will have the tools and experience to quickly eliminate ants, and prevent their return.

Protect Your Lawn From Ants

Most people in Florida are familiar with the damage that anthills can do to a lawn. However, the damage can go much deeper than that! Many decorative plants are on the menu, as are the roots of your grass. Ants will also protect other insects that excrete honeydew, which the ants collect as a food source. This allows pests like aphids to eat your flowers without any threat from natural predators.

Ants in your yard can be even more difficult to deal with. Their nests may extend several feet into the ground, run under concrete patios and sidewalks, or even go beneath the foundation of your home. Finding them and eliminating them often involves special tools, chemicals, and knowledge. Store-bought chemicals aren’t always strong enough or targeted towards a specific pest, and may be dangerous to pets or children. A Florida pest control services provider can advise you on the best way to safely remove ants from your lawn, and keep them from coming back.

Protect Yourself

For most people, the bite of an ant is a painful nuisance. For children, pets, and people with allergies, they can be far more dangerous. Many people believe that fire ants are the only threat, but that’s just not the case in Florida. There are numerous species of biting and stinging ants in Florida, and all of them will attack anything that disturbs their nest.

Removing stinging ants from your Florida property is as much about safety as it is about aesthetics. While they can do all of the damage of less-dangerous ants, stinging ants have the added threat of physically harming people and pets. To safely and effectively remove stinging ants from your yard or home, rely on the expertise of a Florida pest control services provider.

Get Out, and Stay Out

Getting rid of ants in Florida is only half the battle. Without preventative measures, new ant colonies are likely to invade your property in the future. To prevent this, a Florida pest control services provider can set up a regular preventative schedule. By routinely looking for and remediating factors that attract ants, and regularly treating your yard and home, they can ensure that your property stays ant-free for years to come.

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