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Florida is a well-known destination for visitors from all over the country looking for a taste of the tropics during the coldest months of the year without needing a passport. Jupiter is no exception. For the people that call Jupiter home, the Florida Coast is a lifestyle that we are proud of. Whether you are shopping or dining, headed to the beach or taking up diving or snorkeling there is always something to do. At Nozzle Nolen, we understand that living here means that you have an active lifestyle and that you probably do not want to have to spend your time worrying about household pests like antswaspsfleas, and mice. For over 60 years Nozzle Nolen has been Jupiter’s partner in pest control.

Pest Control For Homes In Jupiter

Jupiter has a population of over 50,000 residents who love everything that this area offers. Unfortunately, they are not alone, pests also enjoy the warm weather and the humid conditions. Pests are a year-round problem in South Florida and that requires year-round solutions. Our services are designed to not only treat your home but to protect the environment with a unique all-natural treatment. This treatment system, invented by Nozzle Nolen, protects the delicate ecosystem that makes up our beautiful state as well as effectively remove or discourage common and sometimes dangerous pests out of your home and outside where they belong.

Termite Control In Jupiter

Pests such as termites can be a serious problem. With our climate, termites can move into a home at any time and you would likely not even know it. Most people who do not have regular pest inspections and therefore many termite infestations can remain active for months or years without disruption. Dark tunnels in the wood of your beams, cabinets or even in your furniture, or sagging or dark spots on their walls or ceilings that look more like water damage than anything else will often go undetected. By the time they get to a point where these damages visible, major structural damage could have been done to your home. Regular termite inspections from Nozzle Nolen could prevent costly exterminations and even more costly repairs to your home. If you own a home in Jupiter protect it with the termite control options available at Nozzle Nolen.

Jupiter, FL, Bed Bug Treatments

Other pests, such as the bed bug, also can wreak havoc in your home. These bugs are great travelers and you could have picked them up just about anywhere and brought them in without even realizing it. Then they take up residence in and under your mattresses to be able to sneak out and feed on their hosts while they are sleeping. Nozzle Nolen has come up with a way to rid your home of these blood-sucking bugs that is kind to both your home and to the environment. Bed bugs cannot survive in temperatures over 140 degrees so after preparing the area, your entire home is heated to that temperature for up to 6 hours. The Nozzle Nolen heat treatment can kill bedbugs generally in just one treatment helping homeowners to rest a little easier.

Why Choose Nozzle Nolen for Pest Control in Jupiter, FL

For over 6 decades we have invested the time to develop ways to keep our Jupiter residents safe while protecting our environment. Our methods are safe to both your home and your family while protecting our delicate ecosystem that makes us all so glad that we call Florida home. Give us a call today and let one of our highly-trained professionals walk you through our different plans that can fit any budget with either monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly visits to inspect for pests and to eliminate any that have gotten in. No matter the budget, we have a plan to fit your needs.

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