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Jupiter Farms, Florida, offers the perfect ‘country’ setting where residents enjoy large estate lots that range in size from just over an acre up to the 152-acre ranch formerly owned by Burt Reynolds. There are parks and equestrian trails throughout this stunningly beautiful area of Southern Florida, and residents are just a short distance away from the Palm Beach and the pristine South Atlantic waters. But, even here in this heavenly setting, pests like mice, mosquitoes, roaches, and many others pose a threat to the structural integrity of buildings and the health of residents making year-round pest prevention services a must for property owners. Many of your Jupiter Farms friends and neighbors have partnered with the experts at Nozzle Nolen for comprehensive, year-round residential and commercial pest control plans to ensure that pests do not risk their lives and their livelihoods. Nozzle Nolen has several effective plans to choose from, and we can help you decide which one is right for you! Contact us today to get the details on our year-round services or on stand-alone options.

Residential Pest Control Services in Jupiter Farms, FL

The spacious lots here in Jupiter Farms give pests like mice, termites, and more the opportunity to build homes and thrive. Because of this, residents must proactively protect their homes from the damage and disease that these pests inflict. The best way to ensure that pests will not be causing issues in your Jupiter Farms home is by partnering with Nozzle Nolen for year-round pest control solutions. We have designed three comprehensive packages that allow you to choose between monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly services to meet the specific needs of your Jupiter Farms home. Here is an overview of our plans:

Silver Package – Choose bi-monthly or quarterly services that focus on exterior treatments with interior services as needed. This package is great for homeowners with minimal pest pressures and is effective at controlling nuisance ants and other common household pests.

Gold Package – Choose monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly services that focus on exterior treatments with interior services as needed. This package is great for those looking for general pest control services to target common household pests and includes control for nuisance ants, carpenter ants, roaches, wasps, earwigs, and silverfish. (Additional charges apply for German cockroach cleanouts.)

Platinum Package - Choose monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly services that focus on exterior treatments with interior services as needed. This package is great for those looking for comprehensive pest control services for a wide variety of pests including nuisance ants, carpenter ants, roaches, wasps, earwigs, silverfish, fire ants, rats, mice, fleas, ticks, and bees. (Some additional services may be required including additional charges for German cockroach cleanouts, bee hive removal, rodent exclusion work, and possibly lawn contract for broadcast sprays for fleas and ticks in severe cases.)

To learn more about which package is right for your home, contact us today.

Lawn Care Services in Jupiter Farms, FL

Lawn care services from Nozzle Nolen for your Jupiter Farms property results in a lot more than a lush, green lawn. Sure, the aesthetics of your yard increase curb appeal when you are trying to sell your home; and it is nice to have a yard that is the envy of the neighborhood. But, there are so many more benefits to trusting Nozzle Nolen with your lawn care services. Here in South Florida, your lawn is always under attack. Pests, disease, drought, weather events, and overwatering can all take their toll on the health of your lawn. The lawn care experts at Nozzle Nolen know how to eliminate pests and disease, and they know the exact nutrients that your lawn needs to withstand the harsh and ever-changing weather conditions we experience. By controlling these stresses on your lawn, you can be assured of a healthy, green lawn throughout the entire year. To learn more about all the advantages that lawn care services from Nozzle Nolen, simply contact us today.

Protect Your Commercial Facilities in Jupiter Farms, FL

Pests like mice, roaches, and more can cause some real problems for you when you own a business. Not only can they damage expensive machinery, contaminate product, and damage property; but they can also spread illness to employees and clientele. All of these can damage your reputation and negatively impact your bottom line. Many companies here in Jupiter Farms and throughout South Florida trust the expert team of professionals at Nozzle Nolen for their commercial pest control needs; and here are some of the reasons why. Our comprehensive year-round commercial pest control plans are tailored to meet the specific requirements of your specific industry. We offer flexible schedules and fast emergency response times, and we utilize Integrated Pest Management (IPM) strategies to ensure that your pest pressures are handled using the least possible amount of chemical intervention. Plus, we take it a step further by offering employee education programs. To learn more about our eco-friendly, effective pest control solutions for your Jupiter Farms business, contact us today.

Tips To Avoid Termite Damage in Jupiter Farms, FL

Termite damages are costly and often require extended interruptions in the flow and function of your home or business while damaged areas are repaired or replaced. The best time to deal with termites is before they enter your property. But, these are sneaky little pests that don’t exactly announce their arrival. So, what can you do to avoid these expensive pests?

  • Be on the lookout for the reproductive members of the colony. These insects that resemble ‘flying ants’ will appear around dead or decaying wood outside on warm days, especially after it rains.
  • Periodically search around window sills and on decks for shed wings and casings. The reproductive members of the colony will drop their wings once they find their mate and begin breeding a new colony nearby.
  • Regularly inspect your foundation and the nearby ground for signs of mud tubes. These tubes are used by the termites as they travel from their main colony deep underground to their food source inside your walls.
  • Inspect interior rooms for these other signs: sagging floors, drooping porches, buckling walls, and stains on ceilings and walls that resemble water damage. You may also notice wood that appears blistered or that sounds hollow when tapped upon.

The best way to avoid a termite infestation here in Jupiter Farms is with the Advance Termite Baiting System from Nozzle Nolen. The Advance Termite Baiting System is one of the least invasive, eco-friendly ways to monitor for and control termites. It utilizes discreetly placed bait stations to monitor for termites, and if termites are discovered bait cartridges will be added. This bait is specifically designed to disrupt the termite’s ability to absorb nutrition and reproduce. To learn more about this very effective monitoring and control system or to learn about our tent fumigation services, Termidor treatments, vault fumigation, or tentless fumigation services, contact us today.

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