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Jensen Beach, Florida is a great place for people from all walks of life to call home; it offers diverse housing options, thriving businesses and the laid-back beach life that anyone can enjoy. While many people love living in Jensen Beach, so do sea turtles; Jensen Beach is a widely known location for sea turtles to nest. In fact, the main beach located in this community is called “Jensen Sea Turtle Beach”. At Nozzle Nolen we aren’t known for sea turtles but we are known for elephants, you heard that correct, elephants! Nozzle Nolen is well known for its mascot- Peanut, the elephant; in addition to Peanut we are also known for providing eco-friendly, effective, and dependable pest control services to all of our South Florida customers. By choosing Nozzle Nolen to take care of your Jensen Beach property’s pest control needs you will have peace of mind knowing that your pest problems will be taken care of once and for all!

Protect Your Jenson Beach, FL Home From Pests

Living in Florida comes with some great benefits, sunny days, access to great beaches, year-round mild weather, but with the good always seems to come some bad, and the bad we are talking about happens to be the plethora of pests that live in and are active year-round in Florida! To protect your Jenson Beach home from being invaded by these annoying and sometimes dangerous and destructive pests we recommend implementing one of our three year-round, tailored residential pest control packages:

  • Platinum Package
  • Gold Package
  • Silver Package

No matter which of our home pest control packages you choose you will receive the following services: the trimming back of trees and shrubs away from the exterior of your home, sealing pest access points found around your home, and providing a full perimeter treatment around your structure. We are a Green Shield Certified company, in fact, the only one in South Florida! At Nozzle Nolen our professionals have a deep understanding of the pest we protect home’s life cycle, feeding habits, and living conditions; we don’t solely rely on chemical solutions, we rely on our experience and knowledge to control and eliminate pests! To learn which year-round residential pest control package is right for your Jenson Beach property, give us a call today!

Tips To Prevent Rodents In Jenson Beach, FL

While many people associate insects as one of the major pests bugging people in Florida, rodents are also a huge issue for property owners living in Jenson Beach and throughout Southern Florida. These small furry critters have the ability to enter homes and buildings through very tiny spaces where they will quickly make themselves at home feeding on your food and nesting behind your home’s walls. Their sharp front incisors are responsible for chewing through wires, insulation, pipes, drywall and other structural elements of your property; and of course, they will spread their excrement along with diseases and bacteria throughout your property. In addition to putting into place a residential or commercial rodent control program from the professionals at Nozzle Nolen, the following tips can help to keep rodents out of your Jenson Beach property.

  • Maintain your lawn- overgrown lawns can attract rodents, they like to hide in tall grasses, overgrown landscaping, and in piles of organic debris.
  • Don’t feed wild animals. Birdseed and other wild animal food attract rodents.
  • Pick-up uneaten pet food and make sure to store pet food in plastic or metal containers with tight-fitting lids.
  • Inspect the exterior of your building and seal or caulk any openings found in the foundation, exterior walls, or around windows and doors.
  • Reduce water sources by fixing leaky pipes and faucets located both inside and outside of your home.
  • Keep clutter inside your home to a minimum, a lot of clutter gives rodents a lot of places to nest and hide in within your property.

Commercial Pest Control Solutions In Jenson Beach, FL

Our Green Shield Certified company takes great pride in being able to quickly resolve pest problems in commercial facilities through the use of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) practices, the use of EPA-approved products when necessary, and through employee education. Other benefits to choosing Nozzle Nolen to meet your businesses pest control needs include:

  • We use non-chemical approaches as our first line of defense against pests.
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Fast response time
  • We offer a wide variety of tailored pest control services to meet a wide variety of commercial industry’s needs.
  • We employ highly trained, friendly, and professional pest control technicians.

Give us a call to learn more about our commercial pest control solutions or to request a free inspection!

Signs Bed Bugs Leave Behind In Jenson Beach, FL

Become a bed bug detective today by learning the signs that bed bugs leave behind when they have infested a property. Bed bugs think they are very sneaky; emerging only at night to feed on sleeping people; however, they do leave behind some obvious clues of their presence. The more familiar you are with these clues the faster you can get help to remove these blood-sucking pests from your Jenson Beach, Florida property.

One of the most common signs that bed bugs leave behind and that is easily noticed by people are red spots or black streaks on linens, pillow cases, mattresses, and box springs. The red spots are blood from their feeding habits and the black streaks are their excrement which is basically dried blood. Since bed bugs don’t just stay in the bedroom, the above red and black marks can be found on baseboards, behind outlet covers, and on upholstered furniture. Another very common sign of bed bugs is finding actual bed bugs in the cracks of mattresses and box springs, upholstered furniture, along baseboards, or in the cracks of walls or wooden furniture, especially headboards. Using a flashlight can make searching those areas for bed bugs a much more accurate process. Also, if there is a large infestation in your property you may sense a sickly sweet smell in the air.

If you notice any of the above signs or you or family members are waking up with unexplained bug bites, contact Nozzle Nolen immediately, we have highly effective, eco-friendly bed bug services available to quickly and completely eliminate any size bed bug infestation from your Jenson Beach property!

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