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Termites can cause massive damage before you know they're there.

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That’s because termites eat wood from the inside. Until the wood fails, it can be difficult to tell that termites are inside of it, chewing away. And they’re not picky about the wood they eat. They’ll eat foundation supports, walls, furniture, roof beams — any wood that’s near a source of moisture is on the menu. There are a few signs to look for when suspecting an infestation:

Drywood Termite Frass

Frass is the sawdust and waste mixture that drywood termites create as they’re tunneling through wood. This waste has to go somewhere so they kick it out of the nearest hole. If you see a pile of sawdust near the wood in your home, look above the pile. If you notice small, irregularly shaped holes in the wood, it’s a sign that termites have moved in. Of course, there are other things that could explain the sawdust, so if you are unsure, please consult a Florida termite control company for expert advice.

Termite Swarms

During their reproductive cycle, termites fly around in swarms looking for mates so they can establish a new colony. If you notice a swarm near your home, it’s likely that they’ve hatched from nearby. Once they’re done mating, they’ll return to chewing on your woodwork. Flying termites can look a lot like flying ants. If possible, catch one of the suspected termites and have it analyzed by a Florida termite control professional.

Subterranean Termite Mud Tubes

Subterranean Termites travel along walls via mud tubes. Termites like to keep their tunnels very damp, and don’t like to cross open ground.

To this end, they build dirt tubes to cross from one series of tunnels to the next. If you look around the foundation of your home, you may see narrow dirt tubes running from the ground, up under the siding. This is how the termites cross block walls without getting too dry. You can break open one of the tunnels, and see if it’s rebuilt in a few days. If it is, that tunnel is active.

If not, it doesn’t mean you don’t have termites, it just means they aren’t currently using that particular tube. They may have found other, easier ways into your home.

Soft or Cracked Wood

Unfortunately, this is how most homeowners discover an infestation. You may notice peeling paint or cracks in the surface of your wood. Upon further examination, the wood simply falls apart in your hands. The termites have destroyed the wood from the inside, leaving only a thin, fragile shell. At this point, the termites have moved on to other wooden members in your home, and you’re stuck replacing what they’ve already destroyed. With an infestation of this magnitude, you probably won’t be able to remedy the problem on your own. A Florida termite technician can get your house on a treatment program that will eliminate the entire infestation.

Professional Termite Control Help

Termites can, literally, bring down buildings. They aren’t always fast, but they are relentless. A single colony can number over a million, all chewing away at your home twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Store bought treatments aren’t strong enough to take out a large infestation. You’ll just drive them to another part of your house. A Florida termite control company has the tools and expertise to get rid of the entire colony, and keep them away.

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