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If you have recently purchased a new home in South Florida, you have a lot to look forward to. Living in South Florida has many perks; beautiful weather, beautiful beaches, and lots of beautiful places to visit such as Disney, Cape Canaveral, and the Everglades. Not to mention how easy it is to take a weekend vacation to the Keys. But owning a home in South Florida comes with its challenges. One of those challenges is termites.

We hope you are already aware of this, but if you're not, Florida is home to the most destructive termites in the United States. Some entomologists call them super termites. They are a mixture of two subterranean termite species: Formosan subterranean termites and Asian subterranean termites. And, yes, we did say subterranean twice. Subterranean termites are the worst kind of termite.

5 Reasons Subterranean Termites Are The Worst

subterranean termites in a port st. lucie yard
  • Drywood termites cause millions of dollars in damage to U.S. property each year. The cost of subterranean termite damage is in the billions.

  • Subterranean termites do not push droppings out of kick out holes for you to see. They keep their feces inside their tunnels. So they are harder to detect.

  • Subterranean termites can travel as far as the distance of a football field in search of a meal.

  • Drywood termite colonies usually have fewer than 1,000 in a colony. Subterranean termites can have hundreds of thousands and up to 2 million individual termites in a colony. But drywood colonies can spring up in multiple places inside a home, which can make them harder to treat with targeted pesticide treatments.

  • Subterranean termites feed on support beams and the studs of load-bearing walls. Drywood termites focus on hardwood products such as window and door frames.

What Kind Of Damage Can Termites Do?

If left untreated, subterranean termites can completely total a home, making these insects a significant threat to your equity. No home in South Florida should go without termite protection from a trusted and certified pest control company.

At Nozzle Nolen, our experienced and educated termite control technicians have many tools and protocols at their disposal for neutralizing the threat of termites. We offer proactive subterranean termite protection with our advanced termite baiting system or liquid perimeter treatment. And, when you choose Nozzle Nolen, you'll get our No Fine Print Million Dollar Guarantee, if your home qualifies. That is protection you can count on.

For more information about termites in South Florida, or to set up an appointment, reach out to us today.

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