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At the heart of mosquito control is one basic concept: the number of mosquitoes is always correlative to the number of mosquito bites. If there are fewer mosquitoes, there will be fewer mosquito bites. Therefore, the goal of mosquito control is to reduce mosquitoes. This may be as simple as slapping a single mosquito that is trying to feed on your skin, all the way up to a complete protocol that addresses the mosquito population in a targeted area. We're going to be focusing on the latter. We're pretty sure you know how to swat a mosquito.

There are a few ways to reduce mosquitoes. Some control measures are systemic, focusing on removing or reducing environmental conditions that facilitate the production of mosquitoes. Some are preventative, focusing on rendering breeding sites unusable. And some work to directly target and destroy mosquitoes. 

Environmental Modification

When female (biting) mosquitoes come onto your property they are looking for three things: a blood meal, a place to lay their eggs, or a place to hide. Environmental modification helps to combat two of these. 

  • Mosquitoes lay their eggs in stagnant water, and they only require a small amount of water to do this. There are many ways a yard can provide a breeding site for mosquitoes. The goal of a pest specialist is to give you actionable information about what you can do to reduce breeding opportunities for mosquitoes in your yard. When it comes to guarding against mosquitoes, knowledge is power. The average mosquito doesn't travel more than 300 yards in its entire life. That means the mosquitoes that are biting you in your backyard were probably birthed on or near your property.

  • There isn't a lot any of us can do to make mosquitoes want to bite us less. But, in terms of preventing them from finding a blood meal, good window and door screens are key.

 Preventative Treatments 

If a property has a pool of standing water or areas that retain water after it rains, and it is not possible to correct these conditions, it may be necessary to treat these locations with an EPA-approved larvicide. This works to destroy eggs that are currently present, and makes it difficult or impossible for mosquitoes to breed in these places. 

 Targeted Treatments

Reducing breeding sites is a vital and important first step in mosquito control but, for comprehensive management of mosquito populations, it is necessary to apply direct treatments. When mosquitoes come into your yard, they sometimes come to hide in your bushes and other vegetation. Routine applications of an aerosol, administered by a professional, will have two effects: they will directly destroy adult mosquitoes that are hiding from the midday sun, and coat vegetation with an agent that will temporarily render these locations unusable. 

The Big Picture 

Mosquito-borne viruses are not a new thing. They have been with us for a long time. Often, we don't even realize we've contracted a mosquito-borne virus and assume we've caught the flu or the common cold. The first stage in combating the spread of dangerous viruses like West Nile, yellow fever, malaria, dengue, chikungunya, and Zika is to understand the role mosquitoes play. 

Next, we must understand that mosquitoes only travel around 300 yards in their entire 2-month lifespan, and realize that a reduction of mosquito breeding sites plays a powerful role in protecting against the spread of dangerous viruses. Municipalities, businesses, and residential homeowners all need to do what they can to address areas of still water. 

On a personal level, we should all take measures to prevent mosquito bites from occurring. Wear mosquito repellent. Wear a long-sleeved shirt and pants when possible. Avoid going out in the morning and evening when mosquitoes are most active, or increase protective measures when going out at these times. There are many options available to ward off mosquito bites. When we make ourselves less of a target, we make it harder for mosquito-borne viruses to hop from person to person. 

And consider protecting your property with ongoing mosquito service from a professional. Mosquito reduction service makes a big difference for our communities and for out state, but they can, and often do, result in a drastic improvement in the quality of life. Take your backyard back. Get mosquito control service starting today. Contact Nozzle Nolen today!

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