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There are few pests that are as irritating as flies. They crawl across your tv screen while you're trying to watch a movie. They land on your food while you're trying to enjoy a home-cooked meal. And they land on your face when you're trying towell, enjoy anything. And, they suck all the enjoyment right out of whatever you're doing very quickly. If you're dealing with a fly infestation and you're at the end of your rope, we get it! But how do you keep those flies out? You're in luck. We've taken the time to put together this list of ways flies get inside.

1. Through the door.

One of the biggest entry points into your home is the front door. It is big enough for you to fit through, so you can bet that a fly can fit through it with ease. Keeping your doors shut as much as possible is key to keeping flies out, especially the door that goes from your garage into your home. If you keep trash cans inside your garage, you may attract flies into your garage and make it more likely that they'll go one step further and follow you right into your home.

2. Through the screen.

Most homes have screens on their windows and doors. This is because screens are the frontline defense against pest entry. But we often think we're protected when we actually aren't. Do you know that gaps can form around screens? If you don't believe us, go take a look. There is sure to be at least one screen in your home that has a gap large enough for a fly to slip through. And, at night, when flies see the light inside your home, they're even more likely to explore those screens for a way to get to that light. This is when they'll find the gaps or holes in your screen. It is important to seal gaps and keep your screens in good repair if you want to keep flies out.

3. Holes.

When bugs and rodents create holes in the exterior of your home, flies can take advantage of them as a way to get inside. Like we mentioned before, flies are attracted to light. Due to this attraction, the holes chewed in window and door frames are the most susceptible to fly invasions. When you go into your basement at night and flick on the light switch, it is like an invitation for flies to invade. While those lights are on, flies will be crawling around on your window panes and screens trying to get to it.

4. Hitchhiking.

Sometimes flies are carried into homes as eggs. Fungus flies can be brought in with potted plants. Fruit flies can be brought in on fruits and vegetables. After they've been brought inside, they hatch, develop, and take to the air.

The Fly Problem

There are several species of pest flies that can be found in our service area. Some of the most common are house flies, green bottle flies, fruit flies, stable flies, humpback flies, and fungus flies. Each of these flies have slightly different preferences for how to invade homes. And once they find their way inside, they present a variety of different threats, some more serious than others. For example, having a house fly or green bottle fly infestation is much more of a threat than having a fruit fly infestation, though both are a nuisance. This is because these house flies and green bottle flies love to feed on decaying animal carcasses. Their connection to decaying meat is one of the reasons they are linked to more than 350 types of bacteria!

How To Keep Flies Out

The process for keeping flies out of a home is not a simple one. There is no one-size-fits-all solution. If you want to keep flies out of your home, you're going to have to learn what attracts flies to your home. The fewer flies you have buzzing around outside, the fewer flies you'll have entering your home.

  • Keep trash in clean, sealed containers.

  • Keep exterior lights off at night or replace any white bulbs with insect-resistant yellow bulbs.

  • Keep shades drawn at night.

  • Get rid of any wet organic matter that is near your home.

  • Keep both the inside of your home and your yard clean.

  • Keep the pet waste in your yard cleaned up.

  • Store fruit in the fridge rather than in a bowl on the table for display.

Fly Control

If you're dealing with a fly infestation in South Florida, contact the pest control professionals at Nozzle Nolen. We'll help you get rid of those flies and keep them out! Learn more here.

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