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Flies are maddening when they appear in a home. Some flies bite. Some spread harmful bacteria. Some are just a nuisance. The following is a quick guide to the most common types of flies we deal with inside our homes here in Florida, and a few hints on how to keep them at bay.

Fruit Flies

This tiny fly has a tan or brown body and red eyes. Its abdomen is black on the top and gray on the underside and usually measure only a mere ⅛ of an inch. These flies are a concern indoors year round and will consume and multiply on fresh produce as well as any other organic matter that is fermenting. They are also attracted to standing water or moist areas. While these flies do not destroy property, they can ruin food, which can be costly. Generally, they do not bite people, but they can spread bacteria to food and food prep areas. To keep fruit flies at bay, consider always storing fresh fruit and other starchy foods in the refrigerator or inside tightly sealed containers.

Horse Flies

These are dark-colored, heavy-bodied large flies with dark green or black eyes. They have large wings that are swept back along their long and pointed abdomens. Females are strong, fast fliers that bite. These flies are a health concern. Not only are their bites painful, there is always a chance of a person experiencing an allergic reaction to the anticoagulant which is injected at the bite site. The bite itself may also become infected. Horse flies can be kept away by a strong breeze. Consider using fans if you are going to be sitting outside where horse flies are present.

Stable Flies

Also known as dog flies, these resemble the common house fly in size and color. They are dark-colored and measure around ¼ of an inch. These flies can have a negative effect on cattle and other livestock, decreasing dairy production. They can deliver multiple bites in a short period of time and are vectors for several animal diseases.

Green Bottle Flies

Otherwise known as blow flies, these are a metallic green, measure at around 8 to 10 inches and have large red eyes with yellow mouthparts. They have hairy backs and one set of clear, iridescent wings. These flies are attracted to unsanitary areas where they have the potential of carrying pathogens and bacteria with them from place to place. And they breed quickly.

House Flies

House flies are typically black, are around ¼ of an inch long, and have reddish eyes. They are strong fliers. A house fly's breeding and feeding habits make it possible for it to spread many pathogens and bacteria that can possibly make people sick. To keep house flies and other types of flies out of your home, make sure all of your screens are present and in good condition if you are going to have windows open. Also, keep interior and exterior trash in tightly covered trash cans, as this is where many types of flies reproduce.

Humpback Flies

These are small, black or dull brown flies that measure around ⅛ of an inch. They have a small head and a large thorax which gives them a humpback look. This type of fly is one of the "filth flies," which means that they are one type of fly that spreads germs, bacteria, and pathogens from place to place.

Drain Flies

A drain fly is around 1/16 to 3/16 inches long with black to light brown bodies. They have wings that are covered in scales, which gives them a fuzzy look. These flies, as you may have guessed, can be found infesting drains. But drains aren't the only locations they can infest.

How Nozzle Nolen Can Help

No matter what kind of fly you are dealing with in your Florida home, Nozzle Nolen can help you get that fly infestation under control. Our trained pest control professionals come equipped with specialized knowledge and equipment to take care of all your fly issues, as well as any other household pest you may be dealing with. For more information about all of the many flies we have in South Florida or our residential pest control programs, reach out to Nozzle Nolen today for prompt assistance.

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