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Highland Beach, Florida is located in the southeast region of Palm Beach County. It's a mainly residential community that, like many other communities found in Florida, has its population swell during the winter months with northerners flocking to Florida in order to escape the cold and snow. At Nozzle Nolen we want to help keep pest populations in Highland Beach from swelling year-round by providing trustworthy, efficient, and effective pest solutions. It’s no secret that the warm, humid weather found in Florida allows insects and other pests to thrive, but that doesn’t mean that you have to invite them into your Highland Beach home or business. To help control and eliminate potentially dangerous and damaging pests from your property, trust Nozzle Nolen and our eco-friendly solutions for both commercial and residential properties!

Residential Pest Control in Highland Beach, FL

At Nozzle Nolen we offer residential pest control services that you both want and deserve. Our experienced team of pest control professionals will work with you to eliminate current pest problems through our non-invasive, eco-friendly solutions, and year-round coverage via our three different home pest control packages, to ensure that each of our customers' unique needs are met.

  • Our Silver Package provides bimonthly or quarterly service options to treat for nuisance ants and common household pests; we focus on the exterior of your home, but will provide interior treatment if it ever becomes necessary.

  • Our Gold Package provides coverage for a wider range of common household pests along with the option of monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly service treatment options.

  • Our Platinum Package provides homeowners with superior pest protection against both insects and rodents through monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly services.

For even more peace of mind that choosing Nozzle Nolen is the right choice for your home’s pest control needs, know that you will receive customized pest control services that only target where the pests are living in your home. We also offer guaranteed services which means that if a covered pest shows up between service visits, so will we! To successfully control pest populations we rely on Integrated Pest Management techniques, through which we are able to minimize the use of pesticides. Rather, we rely on our knowledge about the life cycle of the pests we treat and their environmental needs in order to eliminate many problems before having to resort to chemical treatments. And finally, it is important to know that we offer the only Green Shield Certified Service in South Florida! Get in touch with us today to learn more about any of our residential pest control services!

How to Prevent Fruit Flies in Highland Beach, FL

Fruit Flies are a tiny pest that can become a huge nuisance when found living and feeding inside of any Highland Beach property. The good news is that fruit flies don’t bite or sting, but the bad news is that they have the potential to spread diseases and bacteria as they feed on ripe or fermenting food in your home and land on the surfaces found throughout it. While keeping these small flies out of your home can be a tricky task, it is a necessary task and a task that can be accomplished through the prevention tips listed below:

  • Remove overripe or rotting produce from your home and property quickly.

  • Before bringing produce home from the store, inspect it for fruit flies.

  • In kitchen areas, wipe up spills and crumbs regularly.

  • Keep fruits and vegetables inside of the refrigerator instead of out on counters, if possible.

  • Regularly empty trash cans in your home and regularly sanitize all trash cans located in your home.

  • Routinely bleach out kitchen sinks drains, as trapped food inside of drains can act as a food source for fruit flies.

If fruit flies have become problematic inside of your Highland Beach home, contact Nozzle Nolen. We have experience eliminating irritating, nuisance fruit flies, and other flying and crawling pests from Florida homes. To learn more about our effective solutions for fruit fly control, give us a call today!

Commercial Pest Control Solutions in Highland Beach, FL

Nozzle Nolen offers customized commercial pest control solutions to meet the exact needs of any South Florida business. Benefits to trusting the professionals at Nozzle Nolen with your commercial property’s pest control needs include:

  • Flexible scheduling

  • Fast response times

  • A wide variety of pest control services to choose from

  • Access to friendly, polite pest professionals that are highly trained

  • Professionals that will work with you to ensure that the conditions attracting pests to your facility are corrected

  • Partnering with the only South Florida Green Shield Certified pest control company. We have the training needed to accurately identify pests and we have a deep understanding of Florida pest’s life cycles, feeding habits, and living conditions

Give us a call to learn more about our tailored pest control solutions and why you should choose them for your Highland Beach commercial property’s pest control needs.

How to Identify Termite Damage in Highland Beach, FL

It can be very difficult to identify a termite infestation inside of your Highland Beach property. Unlike many other insects, you aren’t going to see termites wandering around your walkways, driveways, or inside of your home on counters and floors. Termites spend basically their whole lives inside of the wood they are infesting or in their underground nests out of sight of people. Luckily there are some signs they leave behind to help property owners identify an infestation. One of the best ways to identify a termite infestation is to know how to identify a termite swarm. A swarm happens when a mature, established colony releases winged termites from the nest to breed and start their own new colony. In our area, termite swarms usually occur the morning after a rainstorm from March-May. If you ever witness a termite swarm on your property or see winged termites crawling on the interior or exterior walls of your home, immediately contact a termite control professional. A swarm means that there is an active termite colony living either very close by or even worse somewhere within your home. If you ever notice a termite swarm or other signs of termites, including doors or windows that are no longer closing properly, hollow sounding wood, paint that appears blistered or splintered, or doors or ceilings that are warped, Nozzle Nolen can help. Our effective termite control services can completely eliminate a termite infestation and prevent them from returning to damage your property long into the future. Contact us to learn more!

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