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Nozzle Nolen And What It Means To Be “Green”

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At Nozzle Nolen, we consider the health and safety of our clients, of their pets, and of our environment with each of our pest control services. Because preserving our environment is important to us, we contribute to NPR’s Radio Green Earth, we offer Green Shield Certified Services approved by the Integrated Pest Management Institute of North America, and we train our technicians to perform each and every service with the least impact on our local environment.

The term, “Green” is widely used and its definition varies depending on who is using or interpreting the term. In order to earn the reputation of having a “green product” or a “green service,” the company must work to reduce the impact on our environment. Examples of “green” products and services that we provide include recycling, using naturally derived materials, developing formulations to increase absorption so that there is less run-off, and implementing Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programs. As our collective impact on the earth becomes more understood, developing and choosing Green products and services is more important than ever. Nozzle Nolen is doing our part by offering a variety of green pest control services to reduce our impact on the environment while protecting you and your family from pests.

Environmental responsibility requires adherence to a philosophy centered on careful stewardship of the environment, and it is essential to the success of our clients and our company.

Nozzle Nolen operates with three guiding principles of pest management:

  • We take specific, proactive actions to solve pest issues within our local environment and above regulatory mandates.

  • We seek to use the most permanent solutions with the least amount of material, waste, and disruption to the environment.

  • We aggressively explore and implement alternatives, innovation, technology, and advances in materials and methodology to reduce or replace pesticide use. We strongly support the sustainability of the earth.

Environmentally-Friendly Termite And Lawn Pest Control

Whether you’re looking to prevent, or eliminate existing termites, or keep your lawn free from injurious insects - Nozzle Nolen offers green termite control and lawn pest control options to solve your pest problems.

Green Termite Control

Nozzle Nolen is the only pest control company based in Florida that offers a service that is “Green Shield Certified” by the IPM Institute of North America. From preventative treatments to monitoring systems and curative treatments, there are green options for the elimination of termites in and around your home.

Using the Advance Termite Baiting System, our termite control specialists can eliminate a colony of subterranean termites in 120 days or less. It’s less invasive than other termite control options as it doesn’t require any drilling, liquid chemicals, dust, or noise. The Advance Termite Baiting System is a green pest control solution used outdoors that is not harmful to the environment and safe for use around your family and pets.

Green Lawn Pest Control

An inspection-based service is available for the elimination of lawn pests. A treatment is only applied if injurious insects appear on the lawn or ornamental plants. We offer green lawn pest control options by systematically treating at-risk plants by root injection. The benefit of root injection is that it only eliminates injurious insects while leaving beneficial insects unharmed, making it much more friendly to the environment and your landscape.

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