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The “sunrise city” of Fort Pierce is known as the hub of St. Lucie County, Florida. Established in 1901, Fort Pierce is the oldest city found on the east coast of Florida. History, diversity, sun, and fun are all that make this city a great place for people to call home. To protect your Fort Pierce property from the many pests like bed bugs, antsspiders, mosquitoes, rodents, and more that also call Fort Pierce home, trust the Green Shield Certified pest control experts at Nozzle Nolen. We are a company that is dedicated to meeting the needs of all of our customers in the most eco-friendly manner possible. Contact us today to learn more about our exceptional pest control solutions for South Florida properties!

Residential Pest Control In Fort Pierce, FL

For the best eco-friendly, effective, and non-invasive pest control services for your South Florida home, trust the experienced pest control team at Nozzle Nolen. Our professionals do not only treat the pests that you see, but also seek the root cause of the problem, sealing off entryways, and destroying nests. For even more peace of mind, all of our services are guaranteed- if pests come back between visits so will we, at no additional cost to you! Nozzle Nolen offers our customers three different home pest control packages to ensure that all of our costumer’s needs are being met. Our Silver Package provides bi-monthly or quarterly service options to treat for nuisance ants and other common household pests; we focus on the exterior of your home but will provide interior treatment if it becomes necessary. The Gold package provides coverage for a wider range of common household pests along with the option of monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly service treatment options. And finally our most comprehensive package is our Platinum Package, it provides our homeowners with superior pest protection against both insects and rodents through monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly services. Contact us today to learn more about implementing a year-round pest control package for your Fort Pierce home!

Learn How To Identify Bed Bugs In Fort Pierce, FL

Knowing what bed bugs look like and what signs they leave behind are the two best ways to defend your structure against these invasive, parasitic pests and get help for an infestation as quickly as possible. First, let’s talk about what bed bugs look like; adults grow to between 3/16th and ¼ of an inch in length. They are flat and oval in shape, but after having a blood meal they will swell into a balloon-like shape. Bed bugs are reddish-brown in color, have six legs, small antennae, and are wingless. Next, we are going to provide you with a list of signs that bed bugs leave behind in a property that they are infesting:

  • Finding small red or black dots or streaks on mattresses, box springs, upholstery, linens, or walls.

  • Finding piles of molted skins found on the floor or in the seams of mattresses and box springs.

  • Waking up with unexplained bed bug bites. The bites are usually found in a linear pattern on arms, legs, or other body parts that are typically exposed while sleeping.

  • If there is a large infestation present, there may be a sickly sweat odor in the air.

If you ever discover signs of bed bugs or think you have seen bed bugs on your property, don’t delay treatment, contact the professionals at Nozzle Nolen. Our professionals will work with you to develop a tailored bed bug control program that meets the specific needs of your home or business. Contact us today to learn more about bed bugs and how we can successfully and discretely treat them!

Commercial Pest Control Services In Fort Pierce, FL

We offer exceptional pest control services to commercial customers in Fort Pierce, through the heavy reliance on the principles of Integrated Pest Management. Benefits of our pest professionals being well versed in IPM include:

  • We offer customized solutions to each of our commercial customers

  • At Nozzle Nolen we have a deep understanding of the lifecycle, feeding habits, and living conditions of the pests we treat

  • We use non-chemical barriers as our first means of defense against pests. We eliminate the conditions around your facility that may be attracting pests and correct structural deficiencies in your property that may allow pests in

  • We only use insecticides to control insects and other pests only when absolutely necessary

Other benefits to choosing Nozzle Nolen to take care of your facilities pest control needs include flexible scheduling, fast response times, and tailored pest solutions for each specific industry. We have experience protecting Fort Pierce schools, daycares, hospitals, nursing homes, hotels, resorts, retail stores, grocery store, restaurants, food processing facilities and more from Florida pests!

Tips To Avoid Mosquitoes In Fort Pierce, FL

The best way to avoid large populations of Florida mosquitoes living and breeding on your Fort Pierce property is to put into place a professional mosquito control program that will reduce their populations throughout their entire active season. To control mosquitoes our professionals begin by inspecting your property for mosquito breeding areas, followed by the removal or repair of areas found on your property that may be attracting mosquitoes. We then treat any mosquito resting areas, followed by a residual product to treat shrubs, bushes, and overhangs. This residual product helps eliminate adult mosquitoes and prevent new mosquitoes from choosing your property to live and rest on. In addition to our seasonal service, we can also provide a single treatment to reduce mosquito numbers before you host a large event on your Fort Pierce property! Give us a call to learn more about our highly effective mosquito control services or to schedule your free inspection today!

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