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Have Fire Ants Invaded Your Lawn?

small red fire ant in jupiter florida home

For homeowners, this ant is the most feared. No one wants to be stung by a fire ant and have to deal with the painful aftermath. 95% of a fire ant’s venom causes pain and pustules and 5% of the venom is a protein that may cause severe allergic reaction to those who are sensitive. It’s best to avoid and have a pest professional treat these fire ant colonies as soon as they crop up in your yard.

Fire Ants Currently Infest Over 260 Million Acres In The South Eastern U.S. Including Florida

Imported fire ants are under ¼ inch long, reddish brown or black in color, and aggressive. The nests can be large, sometimes as long as three feet wide, and can be seen as a rounded mound of soil on the ground.  Most fire ants will build their nests in open, sunny areas, like fields, lawns, and meadows. If a fire ant nest is disturbed, the ants will come out of the mound to attack.

Allow Nozzle Nolen to help protect your yard and your family from the red imported fire ant.

How We Get Rid Of Fire Ants In South Florida

Nozzle Nolen offers several fire ant control methods to keep the ants from taking over your yard.

Broadcast Bait Application

The worker ants will find the bait that we place, consume some, and carry it back to the colony to feed the larvae, the other worker ants, and queen ants. When you use a broadcast bait application, it is not necessary to find the colonies since the worker ants do the work for us! There are other advantages of using broadcast bait applications over contact insecticides and individual mound treatments. These advantages include:

  • Broadcast bait applications are generally less expensive than other methods of controlling fire ants.

  • Broadcast bait applications control fire ants for a longer period of time than the other fire ant control methods.

  • Broadcast bait applications pose very little threat to the environment, humans, wildlife, or pets.

Individual Mound Treatments

For small areas of fire ant infestation, individual mound treatments may be the better control solution. Individual mound treatments require more labor and insecticide than the other methods. With this fire ant control method, ants are only killed if the insecticide touches them, so it’s important that the treatment is applied properly.

A fast-acting bait product is used to treat inaccessible ant colonies under sidewalks, inside a tree trunk, or in a plant bed. The treatment product may be a dust, injectable aerosol, liquid, or granules.

Individual mound treatments are best used when fire ants are close to the surface of the mound, such as when temperatures are mild. Once treated, the colony should not be disturbed.

Combination of Barrier and Spot Treatments

For areas where fire ant infestation is a serious problem, Nozzle Nolen can use a combination of broadcast and spot treatments to control them.

Why Should You Worry About Fire Ants?

Fire ants are no fun. Fire ants sting humans, pets, wildlife, and livestock.  The stinging is quite painful and results in a burning sensation that is followed by itching for up to ten days.  If you are allergic to fire ant stings, you can end up with a rash, swelling, anaphylactic shock, or even paralysis.

Nozzle Nolen can help.  To see which service best suits your lawn’s fire ant infestation, contact us for a free inspection.

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