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Rest assured your safety is our priority at Nozzle Nolen.

We know you are concerned about preserving your health. That is why Nozzle Nolen has precautions in place to ensure we can continue to provide the essential services that protect your home, family, and business from pests.

We will vigilantly maintain an exterior barrier against pests. However, if we do have to enter your home or business, we can do it safely and with limited human contact. Nozzle Nolen technicians utilize personal protective equipment, and we regularly disinfect our service tools and equipment.

Our entire team has been instructed to follow the Centers for Disease Control's best practices, including frequent handwashing, knowing the symptoms of COVID-19, and staying home if they feel ill or come into contact with someone who has been exposed.

If you have questions or concerns about your scheduled service, we are here to help. Please call 1-800-22-NOLEN (66536).

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