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Weeds Common To South FL

dollar weed in a west palm beach florida yard

If you live in South Florida, you know how hard it can be to grow and maintain a healthy lawn. There are many things that can work to thwart even your best efforts, like bugs, turf diseases, lack of sunlight, drought, oversaturation, and more. But nothing does a better job of choking the life out of your lawn like weeds.

Weeds are flora, just like your turf grass. And all flora grows well in Florida. We practically have the word flora in our state name. But, what you don't want is for the weed flora in your yard to grow faster and better than your intended "turf" flora. This happens when the conditions on your property allow the weeds to outcompete the turfgrass.

There are two angles to dealing with unwanted weeds. First, it is important to give your turfgrass more of what it needs so that it can grow better than those weeds. How you fertilize, irrigate, and maintain your lawn will get you part of the way. But it is also important to slow the growth of those weeds through the use of herbicides.

Here are some of the weeds you can expect to see in your South Florida lawn, and some things you should do, or not do, to make sure they don't win the battle against your turfgrass.

Dollar Weed

This is a weed that loves moisture. If your lawn has an automatic sprinkler on it, it is quite possible that dollar weeds will take root and thrive. This is a good example of giving the weeds what they need to outcompete your turfgrass.

We suggest that you water your lawn only when your turfgrass needs it, or try cutting back your sprinkler watering to twice a week. Research shows that the difference between having dollar weeds and not having dollar weeds can be the difference of watering 3 times a week compared to 2. When you apply this principle, you should be able to tell when the dollar weed begins to start losing the battle.

Proper irrigation may not be enough to stop dollar weed. It is also necessary to apply the right herbicide to your lawn. Sadly, this is a much harder job with over-the-counter weed control products. Consumers just don't have access to the same products professionals are able to use.

Crab Grass

This is a frustrating grass to have competing for space in your yard. Unlike dollar weed, there are no professional grade products for controlling crab grass in lawns that have St. Augustine grass. With this, and other grassy weeds, it is all about technique. You'll need to recognize where the weed pressure is and stunt the crab grass, while not doing too much damage to your turf. This takes an understanding of how your turfgrass grows and knowing where and when to spray control products.

Florida Pusley (Florida Snow)

While this weed has a pretty white flower that grows on top, it is usually unwelcome in Florida yards. Fortunately, this is a weed that you can have some success deterring with proper lawn care.

Florida Snow does not require a lot of water or fertilizer. Therefore, more water and better fertilization will give your turfgrass more of what it needs, and that Florida Snow too much of a good thing.

When extra watering and fertilization are not enough, it may be necessary to apply herbicides to fight back against these weeds. But, these products must be applied in a way that recognizes local environmental conditions. It is important to read the labels closely. A professional lawn care provider has access to products that are more environmentally sensitive, and the knowledge and experience to apply these products effectively.

If you need assistance keeping your South Florida lawn healthy and weed-free, let Nozzle Nolen give you a hand. Our turf specialists don't just control all those frustrating weeds, they fight turf diseases, control damaging insects, and give your lawn the proper mix of fertilizers it needs to flourish. Plus, you can always count on Nozzle Nolen to use protocols that will be effective without compromising the safety of you, your children, or your pets. Schedule a free inspection and see what a difference professional lawn care can make.

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