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Tailored Pest Solutions For Every Industry

When it comes to commercial pest control, Nozzle Nolen offers flexible scheduling, fast response times, and a variety of services tailored to your company's needs.  Our highly trained, courteous and professional pest control technicians will inspect, treat and work with your staff to reduce conditions that attract insects and rodents.   Resolving pest infestations in schools, restaurants, manufacturing plants and other commercial facilities is achieved through the use of  Integrated Pest Management (IPM) practices, the use of EPA reduced risk products and employee education.  Learn more about our custom solutions for your business or industry below.

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LEED Certification For Your Business

Nozzle Nolen was the first pest control company in Florida to achieve Green Shield certification through the IPM Institute of North America. Initiating a Certified Green Shield program also qualifies for LEED Certification points for buildings trying to attain Silver, Gold, or Platinum levels.



Schools & Daycare Centers

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school in west palm beach infested with rodents

Parent and guardians trust you with their children.  Roaches, mice and other pests not only distract kids from learning, it jeopardizes the health and safety of students, educators and other staff.  Nozzle Nolen will help you achieve and maintain a pest free environment with IPM and Green Shield Certified services that are a perfect fit for schools, daycares and other environments intended for children. 

Hospitals, Nursing Homes, and Assisted Living Facilities

vero beach nursing home with bed bugs

It is especially important to keep a clean and healthy space for the elderly and those battling illness. Nozzle Nolen’s commercial pest control services for hospitals, nursing homes and other healthcare facilities focuses on maintaining a healthy environment without polluting the air or using excessive amounts of product.

And because these types of facilities see so many different patients and are especially prone to bed bug infestations, Nozzle Nolen is ready to get rid of these biting pests to insure that patients have the cleanest, healthiest environment possible.

Hotels, Resorts & Lodgings

south florida resort infested with cockroaches

The hospitality industry is held to high standards for cleanliness and comfort. When you partner with Nozzle Nolen, our commercial pest control services for hotels, resorts and other commercial lodgings will keep your guests comfortable and care-free with an insect and bed bug free environment.

Retail & Grocery

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Consumers want to buy their groceries where they trust that the food they buy is safe and handled in a clean environment. Retail owners don't want pests to discourage shoppers from browsing, or worse, scare them away for good.  Keep your store clean and avoid wasteful food contamination from pests and rodents with routine pest control service from Nozzle Nolen. 

Restaurants, Food & Beverage Facilities, and Food Processing

south fl food processing facility infested with pests

Maintain a sanitary facility, pass inspections, and avoid costly shut downs with ongoing pest control services from Nozzle Nolen. Food Processing facilities have some of the strictest sanitation requirements through 37 separate governing agencies. Pass your required inspections with confidence.

Pest Control Solutions For Apartments

multi family housing complex in south florida

Whenever multiple families live in the same building, the building has an increased risk for pest problems. As an apartment manager, you know that if a tenant is calling to complain about rodents, bed bugs, cockroaches or other pests, the problem is bigger than you want to deal with. Find out how we can help you keep your multi-housing apartment building/buildings pest free!

Green Shield Certified Service Providers

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As Green Shield Certified service providers, we are trained to correctly identify the pest and understand its lifecycle, feeding habits, and ideal living conditions. When we inspect a structure, we are constantly monitoring pest populations and the conditions in which they live. The routine use of pesticides is not considered an IPM practice, so we only take action against a pest population when necessary. And when we do take action, we use non-chemical approaches as the first line of defense. With our Green Shield Certified service, we work with your staff to help eliminate the conducive conditions for pests and any structural deficiencies. We are determined to provide you with an effective and long-term strategy to safely control the pests in your structure.