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When you consider the list of amenities that Boca Raton offers to residents, you could mistake this Palm Beach County city for an upscale resort. “With 46 parks, two libraries, three public beaches, two golf courses, several tennis centers, miles of bicycle and pedestrian trails, an outdoor amphitheater, and special community events all year long…” (According to the city’s website) Boca Raton truly does have it all – and with class! While this exquisite city does seem to be a paradise (and it is pretty close to it!), there is a downside to the elegant surroundings, perfect weather, and high humidity of South Florida. This downside is that pests like mosquitoes, rodentstermites, and many more live and thrive here all year long. This is not a problem, however, if you have year-round residential or commercial pest control protection from the experts at Nozzle Nolen. Our industry leading pest control services are effective at eliminating pests, helping to keep your home safe from their damages and your family safe from the diseases they spread. To learn more about our innovative pest control options, contact us today.


Boca Raton, FL Home Pest Control

Protecting your Boca Raton home from harmful and damaging pests is an important step in keeping your home and your family safe. Pests, like mice and termites, can cause significant structural damage to your home. Pests like cockroaches, mosquitoes, and mice can carry and spread serious illnesses. Bed bugs cause itchy welts and a lot of stress, ants can contaminate food, fleas are merciless biters and spread harmful pathogens. Flies spread germs wherever they land. The good news is that keeping pests out of your Boca Raton home is as simple as picking up the phone and calling Nozzle Nolen! We offer three levels of year-round residential pest protection to fit the needs and the budgets of our valued customers. To learn more about our pest control services for Boca Raton homes, give us a call today!

Home pest control services offered to Boca Raton homeowners include:

Bed Bug Control in Boca Raton, Florida

When you live in a city that receives millions of visitors each year like Boca Raton does, it is almost a guarantee that you will run across bed bugs at some point. In fact, it is likely to be sooner rather than later. If you run a business here, it is more a matter of “when” rather than “if” you will have to deal with a bed bug infestation. Fortunately, Nozzle Nolen is here with industry-leading, effective, eco-friendly bed bug control and elimination services. We utilize heat treatments, structural fumigation, conventional methods, or a combination of services to ensure that bed bugs are quickly and discreetly eliminated. No matter what size your home or business, the bed bug experts here at Nozzle Nolen have the tools and the technology to take care of all stages of bed bugs. We will walk you through the whole process, answering all your questions and making it as easy and stress-free as possible. For more information about your options for bed bug elimination services from Nozzle Nolen, give us a call today!

Mosquito Protection in Boca Raton, FL

Long gone are the days when mosquitoes were nothing more than a nuisance that left a red, itchy welt. That all changed when it was discovered that mosquitoes are capable of carrying and transmitting serious diseases. Now, it seems like new strains of illness that mosquitoes can transmit are being identified on a regular basis. The latest illness, Zika virus, was originally carried by mosquitoes in climates far south of Florida, but that changed last year when local mosquito populations tested positive for Zika making it likely that they will soon be spreading this disease. Controlling mosquito populations on your Boca Raton property has never been more important than it is today, and Nozzle Nolen has the mosquito control solutions that are effective at drastically reducing their numbers. Our experts will identify areas that are attracting mosquitoes to your property and discuss the ways that you can eliminate them. Next, resting and breeding sites will be identified and treated utilizing a fogger and a residual product to reduce adult mosquitoes and larvae on your property. Whether you require a one-time application before a special event or seasonal service for day-to-day protection, Nozzle Nolen has the products and technology to get the job done. To learn more about our effective mosquito control services for Boca Raton homes and businesses, contact us today!

Why Choose Nozzle Nolen for Pest Control in Boca Raton, Florida

There is nothing quite like working with a local, family owned and operated business. Since we opened our doors in 1951, Nozzle Nolen has been under the helm of the Nolen family – and it still is. This means that our employees live locally, and so do our owners. If you have an issue or if you want to discuss a new service, we are right here. No ‘taking a number’ or waiting on hold for a national representative that treats you like a number instead of the valued customer that you are. At Nozzle Nolen, our customers are more like an extension of our family; it’s personal. We shop in the same stores, frolic on the same beaches, our children attend the same schools, and we root for the same teams under the Friday night lights. We are vested members of the communities we serve, just like you are. Keeping our communities safe is just as important to us as it is to you. You can’t get that kind of personal touch and commitment with a national chain or out of a DIY box! Check us out. Ask around, and then give us a call for your free inspection. We are confident that you will find the superior customer service experience and effect pest control services you are searching for.

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