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flies in florida

May 23, 2017

Which Pest Control Plan Is Best For Me?

Have you been thinking about controlling the pests in your home and want to know which pest control service or program is best for you? If you live in South Florida, Nozzle Nolen is the right pest control provider, and we have three plans that you can personalize to suit the pest protection needs for your home, your family, and your yard....

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April 20, 2017

Does Green Pest Control Work?

Here in Florida, our tropical conditions that we enjoy year-round also mean that pests are enjoying it as well. Our climate means that Florida pests do not go dormant in the winter, but are active throughout. For this reason, they need to be continuously monitored to make sure that their populations do not get out of control and overwhelm homeowners and business owners in the area....

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December 30, 2016

What’s Hurting Your Royal Poinciana Trees?

Many residents of South Florida have gorgeous Royal Poinciana trees in their yards. They’re fast growing trees that can get as tall as 50 feet, and can grow even wider than they are tall, especially when they are in full bloom. The tree is loved by many and there is a little-known problem affecting many of the trees that can kill your beloved Royal Poinciana’s if you don’t kno...

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