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January 20, 2017

What to Do if I Have Bed Bug Bites

It wasn’t all that long ago when bed bugs didn’t seem to be anything more than the subject in an old saying our grandparents had. In recent years, these pests have enjoyed a resurgence all across the country. There is a misconception that bed bugs are only found in dirty surroundings; but they have been found in hotels, dorm rooms, homes, and even hospitals. A bed bug infestation ca...

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December 1, 2016

Tropical Bed Bugs

An old enemy has returned to Florida to wreak havoc on its citizens. This enemy has not been in Florida for over 60 years. This enemy will bite you while you sleep, making you itch and squirm. This terrible enemy is…the Tropical Bed Bug (Dun dun dun)!...

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October 18, 2016

Heat Kills Bed Bugs in a Single Treatment

Are you familiar with the most effective way to kill bed bugs in a single treatment? No, it is not a new stronger than strong pesticide! It is something much simpler. Heat! That’s right; we said ‘heat’. Bed bugs cannot survive high temperatures which makes heat a bed bugs worst enemy. At Nozzle Nolen we have developed a simple and effective heat treatment plan to completely ge...

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