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flies in florida

September 14, 2018

Tequesta Lawn Pests to Watch Out for This Fall

At Nozzle Nolen, we don't just employ horticultural specialists who protect lawns from dollar spot, brown patch, Pythium blight, take-all root rot, and gray leaf spot turf diseases. We don't just know the complexities of weed control, lawn fertilization, and moisture control. We also employ industry-leading pest control professionals who understand the threat Florida bugs and wildlife can ...

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September 11, 2018

Five Mistakes You Could Be Making To Attract Fruit Flies

How can such a small pest be such a big problem? Have you dealt with fruit flies? Walking through swarms of them on your way to make breakfast? Waving them away from that beautiful burger you just finished cooking on the grill? Slapping them off every surface in a never-ending attempt at unachievable victory? It’s like there is no way out! ...

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September 7, 2018

Bugs Destroyed My Trees And Shrubs This Summer, Now What?

As a tropical state, we in Florida pride ourselves on our exotic plants. A lot of the trees and shrubs that grow here cannot be found anywhere in the northern states. Along with the beauty, however, comes a number of harmful warm-weather pests—including weevils, aphids, whiteflies, and mealybugs....

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September 6, 2018

Why Are There Holes All Over My Lawn?

The sun is rising here in beautiful Florida, and everything is as it should be, or so it may seem. On your way to check the mailbox, you notice something interesting in your yard, a small volcano-like mound. You may think nothing of it and leave it be. However, a few days later, on another trip to the mailbox, you notice more mounds....

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September 5, 2018

It’s September… Why Are Ants Still On My Lawn?

It’s official, summer is finally coming to a close here in Florida. The thermometers have calmed down and are no longer reaching upwards of 100 degrees. Though not cool yet, we can finally take a breath of cooler air. It seems that summer problems have finally gone away. That leaves homeowners wondering, "Why are there still ants on my lawn?...

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September 4, 2018

Why Florida Termites Are Still Active and Spreading

Florida is a wonderful place to live comfortably all year-round but unfortunately, termites find the Florida climate quite pleasant as well. They are attracted to the subtropical conditions with hot temperatures and high humidity levels which makes Florida the perfect place for these pests to thrive...

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August 31, 2018

Cockroach Control in South Florida

There are many household pests that you can quickly get rid of. You can trap a fly or capture a little spider fairly easy. But there is something about seeing a cockroach run across the floor of your kitchen. It sends you into panic mode....

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