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flies in florida

October 24, 2018

Why Mice Are One of Port St. Lucie’s Most Destructive Pests

If you want to see a whole lot of cuteness, type "pet mouse" into a search engine and look at all the fun images that come up. These little creatures with their curious eyes, rounded ears, pointed snouts, and little pink hands are adorable (in pictures) but, put one of those little suckers on a kitchen floor and it's another experience altogether....

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October 23, 2018

What’s Gotten into My Pantry?

As the seasons change and we head into fall, you perhaps have gotten the urge to bake some delicious autumn goodies. You reach into your pantry to get down the necessities, and a few tiny moths fly out at you....

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October 19, 2018

Fall Prep for Squirrel Season in Port St. Lucie

Squirrels are one type of animal that is incredibly common, so benign in fact that most people barely pay attention to them most of the time. But then one day you hear something running through your attic or scratching inside your walls. You are pretty sure it’s a squirrel and suddenly you take notice....

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October 18, 2018

Why Termites Never Rest in Port St. Lucie

In northern cold climates termites may go into a dormant state or burrow far underground to stay warm and survive the winter, in Florida, termites can continue doing a great deal of damage to your home all winter long....

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October 17, 2018

The Worst Pests Threatening Tequesta Homes and Lawns This Fall

Fall is an interesting time of year for many pest control companies in the northern states. When leaves begin to turn red, orange, and yellow, the cold temperatures of fall inspire bugs and wildlife to get inside. That is not the case here in Tequesta. But, before you begin to celebrate, there is something you should know....

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October 10, 2018

Common October Seasonal Pests in Florida

We’re all familiar with rodent and termite infestations where pest control professionals are likely to be called right away. But there are some pests that tend to be put on the back burner since they are considered more of a nuisance pest than a destructive pest....

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