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Zika is in Palm Beach County

August 25, 2016

mosquito sucking a womans blood in south fl

A week ago, it was released that 2 new cases of Zika were contracted by local mosquitoes outside of the Wynwood neighborhood in North Miami, where the virus was primarily contained. Now, we are getting word that there has been one new case in Palm Beach County and another on the West Coast of Florida in St. Petersburg. The number of Zika victims in Florida that are thought to have been contracted by local mosquitoes is now up to 42.

Although it has not been proven that all 42 of these cases have been contracted by local Florida mosquitoes, the fact that none of these victims have come in contact with one another or a traveler from an affected area strongly suggests that it is the case.

It is now widely known that Zika can cause microcephaly in the newborns of pregnant women with the virus. Microcephaly is a birth defect that leads to the underdevelopment of the child’s head. The Department of Disease Control has issued a warning to all pregnant women traveling outside of the country.

As scientists are diving deeper into their Zika research, some are conducting experiments to find out whether or not the virus has an effect on the adult brain. On an experiment with mice, scientists from the Rockefeller University and La Jolla Institute for Allergy and Immunology have discovered that the virus was attacking the neural progenitor cells that are responsible for replacing lost or damaged neurons in the brain. These particular neurons are thought to be critical in the ability to learn and memorize. Although these scientists can’t prove that this is the case with an adult human brain, the findings are unsettling.

You can do a few things when it comes to keeping yourself and your family protected from the virus:

  • Don’t travel to a Zika affected area.

  • Wear protective clothing (long sleeves and pants) and a great mosquito repellant (DEET or Picaridin) when outside.

  • Have your backyard treated for mosquitoes by a professional pest control company.

The Aedes genus of mosquito is the known vector of Zika as well as other viruses like yellow fever. In the pest control industry, we call this type of mosquito a container mosquito because they like to breed in containers that hold standing water.

If you are looking to keep the Zika mosquitoes out of your yard, you’re going to want to first eliminate all of their preferred breeding grounds, or containers. A container can be anything from a clogged gutter drain to an old tire sitting in your yard. Virtually anything that collects dew or rainwater in your yard can act as ideal breeding grounds for the Zika mosquito.  

The second step in keeping these mosquitoes out of your yard, is treating the resting areas. Resting areas for container mosquitoes include: shrubs, trees, bushes, etc. A professional pest control company will treat these areas with the appropriate mosquito product using the appropriate application gear. It’s important to have a professional apply the mosquito treatments as they are well trained and educated on the life cycles of the insect and have access to reduced risk products that are effective in protecting your family, pets, and the environment. Don’t mess with Zika. Call one of our technical consultants today and receive your free mosquito inspection.


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