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Winter Lawn Stress In Florida

December 20, 2016

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Are you noticing brown areas in your yard? This is the time of year when brown patches can appear in a few short days, as if by magic. Don't worry. There is often a simple explanation for the appearance of brown patches. Here are two common things we see when we're called to treat a lawn with mysterious brown areas, and what you need to know most about these two lawn threats.

Wild Grass

It can be startling when brown patches suddenly appear in a lush, green lawn, almost overnight. But, have no fear. This happens quite a bit, especially with lawns that have St. Augustine turf.

While it may look as if your lawn is made up of only one type of lawn turf, there is a good chance it isn't. If you have carpet crabgrass, or some other wild grass, filling in areas of your lawn, you're likely to see this brown patching when we have a night that dips to temperatures below 70 degrees. What is happening is your St. Augustine turf is able to tolerate the cold better than the wild grasses. This causes patches to appear where your St. Augustine grass is sparse.

At Nozzle Nolen, our team works to fix these sparse areas where wild grass has been allowed to take over, by rounding up, raking up, and replacing the turf and sod in these places. This ensures a thicker, greener lawn that is more resistant to changing temperatures.


Another thing we see quite a bit is brown patches that develop because of fungus. It is important to recognize this threat for what it is. If you mistake it for another issue and lay down some fertilizer to help your lawn turf outcompete a possible weed problem, you will be giving that fungus the nitrogen it needs to spread like a wildfire across your yard.

At Nozzle Nolen, our team is educated in a wide range of lawn threats. Our South Florida lawn care pros will look for yellowing on the tips of lawn turf that clearly identifies a fungus issue, and with access to a broad spectrum of fungicides that address specific fungal threats, they'll get to work restoring your lawn.

When you have an experienced and educated lawn care service provider taking care of your lawn, there is no guesswork involved. Your turfgrass will have what it needs through every season.

Find out why home and business owners in Boca Raton, Palm Beach and throughout South Florida trust Nozzle Nolen to protect their lawnscapes. Reach out to us today and let's start the conversation!


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