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Why Yellow Jackets Are Still Stinging

October 11, 2018

Are you noticing yellow jackets around your home? Are you worried about being stung even though it’s fall? These pests are likely to stick around all year! Yellow jacket populations have had the entire summer to grow and expand. Because of this, these bothersome pests will continue to be a problem even though cooler weather is well in sight.

yellow jacket on a nest

The weather here in Southern Florida doesn’t get cool enough in the winter to allow these pests to die off or become inactive. Why are yellow jackets able to stick around longer than other stinging insects, you ask? This is because of their unique nesting habits. These insects nest in both high and low places. They’ll nest underground, in wood piles, and/or inside your walls, which allows them to escape the cool air at night and enjoy your property during the day. Yellow jackets are excellent at finding a home that will keep protected. 
Yellow jackets are both dangerous and very aggressive, however, they usually won’t sting unless they’re provoked. Another characteristic that makes yellow jackets unique is that the workers also forage on foods that are consumed by humans. Their nesting habits and food sources make them easily disturbed by humans, allowing for a number of yellow jacket stings per year. Where these insects are beneficial to the environment, they are not to humans. Yellow jacket stings are very painful. They’ll cause redness and swelling, and sometimes itching at the site. Some people are allergic to their sting. If you are stung by a yellow jacket and you experience itching in other places, hives, swelling in the throat, dizziness, nausea, difficulty breathing, or other concerning symptoms seek medical attention immediately! Yellow jackets can cause severe allergic reactions that can be fatal in extreme cases. 
Do not attempt to remove yellow jackets' nests on your own. This can be very dangerous. Not only are you susceptible to one sting, but many stings. As mentioned before, yellow jackets are very aggressive insects. You may be wondering why these aggressive insects chose your yard. There are numerous reasons yellow jackets may pick your property to nest on. They’re attracted to flowers and garden pests, human food, and nesting sites, such as old rodent burrows. For more information about how you may be attracting yellow jackets to your home, check out this previous article
If you’re worried about yellow jackets around your property, contact Nozzle Nolan Pest Solutions today. These stinging insects are not something you should try to control on your own. Our trained professionals can help safely take care of your yellow jacket infestation. We offer services that will eliminate your pest infestations and provide eco-friendly prevention measures to keep future pests away. We guarantee home pest control that’s customized to target only the problem pests in your South Florida home. We also offer commercial pest services as well. Give us a call today to learn more. 


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