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Why Year-Round Termite Protection in Lake Worth is Worth It

August 30, 2018

They say that it isn't a matter of "if" you'll get termites in your Lake Worth home but more a matter of "when." This is due to the fact that the weather conditions in Lake Worth are favorable for termites and allow them to thrive! Let's take a look at this and other reasons it is a good idea to have year-round termite protection if you own property in Lake Worth:

termites up close in lake worth

Weather Conditions

Summer is the worst time for termite damage, and tropical locations like Lake Worth are at higher risk due to the climate and temperature here. The increased heat and rainfall levels in this area contribute to the rapid breeding of these termites. This rapid breeding means there will be more mouths to feed and therefore more wood damage to be done!

Signs Are Subtle

The early signs of a subterranean termite infestation include mud tubes, smooth tunnels in wood, and the presence of swarmer wings. However, these signs are difficult to see because they are often found in secluded and hidden areas of the home. Since termite infestations often go unnoticed and the signs they leave behind are so subtle, these pests can damage homes for months or even years without raising any red flags. And, when termites are allowed to eat away at a home for years, the damages they create can be extensive. Signs of severe termite damage can include sagging floors, bulging wall, and windows and doors that do not open or close properly. When the damage to your home gets to this point, the repair costs can be staggering!

Termites Don't Sleep

Do you know that termites never take a break? It is true! If no one stops them, these little wood-destroying insects will eat away at a structure, non-stop, without sleeping, until there is no more wood to consume!

What Does Nozzle Nolen Termite Protection Look Like?

While there are some things you can do to protect your home from termite damage, to be sure that termites are discovered before damages become extensive, we advise homeowners to have a termite inspection performed by a pest control company that specializes in termite control on a yearly basis. Here at Nozzle Nolen, we offer a FREE termite inspection and consultation! Your property will be extensively evaluated at no charge, then a customized plan that is backed by the Nozzle Nolen guarantee will be presented.

For drywood termites, we offer the most effective elimination tool: tent fumigation! The fumigant is a non-residual product which means all items in your home will be residue free and do not need to be cleaned afterward. This treatment option is available for boats as well. For subterranean termites, we offer two different options: Advance Termite Baiting System and Termidor® Termite Treatments.

With the Advance Termite Baiting System, bait stations are placed around your home and monitored for termite activity. If termites are detected, active bait is added. Termites will then eat the active bait and share it with the colony and, in time, this will result in the elimination of the entire colony.

With Termidor, a liquid treatment is placed around the perimeter of your home, creating a zone of protection. When termites crawl through it, they carry the liquid back to their colonies, resulting in the elimination of all the termites.

Don't allow termites to eat away at your Lake Worth home, non-stop, for years, months, or even days! Reach out to Nozzle Nolen and get your protection in place today.


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