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Why Year-Round Pest Control Is Vital To Your Home

May 8, 2018

Spring is an important time of year for pest control. Problems that begin in spring can have a negative impact in summer, fall, and beyond. Here are a few pests you can expect to see during the spring season and how they may affect your life in the days to come.

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We all know that mice and rats love to chew. But what you may not know is that they prefer to chew through wood that has been softened by water damage. The end of spring and early summer is the wet season in South Florida. If you allow water to collect near your foundation, you could create conditions that will inspire rodents to chew their way into your home. Once inside, rodents can cause damage, chew on live wires, spread bacteria, and introduce parasites such as fleas, ticks, and mites. Over time, all of these problems will increase because rodents reproduce quickly.


Spring is when termite nests are most likely to release termite swarmers. The job of swarmers is to take to the air, mate, and established new nests. When selecting a location for a new nest, these winged termites will choose damp, shaded locations first. If you don't have termite protection for your home, you should at least make sure your property is as dry as possible. If termites choose a location near your home, you could face ongoing termite damage that will not be noticeable until the damage is widespread and hard to fix.

Bed Bugs

When temperatures rise, bed bugs become more active. And, when bed bugs are more active, they spread quickly. If they hitch a ride into your home, it will be like a ticking time bomb. Bed bug infestations begin with small, less-noticeable bites. It usually takes months for bites to become big, red, itchy welts surrounded by a rash.

How Year-Round Pest Control Works

Pest problems don't always happen overnight. As the above examples demonstrate, it can take months or even years before a pest problem rears its ugly head. Year-round pest control works to catch pest problems "before" they happen. Before rodents get into your home, your pest management professional (PMP) will use a monitoring/trapping program to stop them. Before termites chew on your equity, a PMP will install a termite colony elimination product around your home to arrest infestations even as they take root. Before bed bugs plague your family for months, your PMP can act quickly to apply conventional solutions and stop them in their tracks.

No home should be without a year-round pest control plan. If you live in South Florida, reach out to Nozzle Nolen and get your protection in place today.   


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