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Why Stinging Insects in Lake Worth Are Best Left to the Professionals

August 29, 2018

As the summer season in Lake Worth comes to an end and the fall begins, something noteworthy happens. Perhaps you've noticed it. Every year at this time, the stinging insect populations seem to explode! But what is actually happening is a slow growth of populations throughout the year and an increase of activity in the fall as they prepare for the winter, which makes this an important time of year to do something about the stinging pests on your property. While there are definitely some measures you can take to protect yourself and your family from unwanted contact with stinging pests, such as repairing and replacing damaged screens, weather stripping, and door sweeps, the best solution to stinging insect problems is to invest in ongoing pest control. Here's why:

yellow jackets building nest on lake worth home

Bees, wasps, and hornets don't always make obvious nests. They can establish their nest inside the cavities of exterior walls, underneath stairwells, or even inside holes in the ground. The stinging insect nests built in the ground are particularly dangerous. When yellow jackets make a nest in the ground, they can become agitated by the vibration from a lawnmower. This can result in multiple, painful stings as yellow jacket stings are often mistaken for tiny rocks thrown up by a lawnmower. Next thing you know, you're surrounded by a swarm of angry stinging insects. That never ends well! However, when you have routine inspections performed by an experienced pest control professional, they will find and remove those nests before any unfortunate incidents with these stinging insects can occur.

Another reason to invest in professional stinging insect control is that removing stinging insect nests on your own can be dangerous and result in multiple stings and sometimes even a trip to the hospital! You may think you're completely protected from these stings, only to discover there is a tiny gap you've missed after it’s too late!

When it comes to destroying stinging insect nests, many people turn to chemicals, which can actually be more harmful than the insects they're trying to get rid of! Not only do professionals know the best insecticides to use and how to apply them, they are also trained in many eco-friendly solutions that homeowners don't always think of. It is always best to go with an eco-friendly solution to stinging insect problems first because many stinging pests, especially bees, are beneficial to the environment.

If you're having trouble with bees, wasps, or hornets around your yard, you can trust the team of professionals at Nozzle Nolen to take care of them! We have a long history of protecting homes and lawns from wasps and other stinging pests. To get started, give us a call today!


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