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Why Should You Renew Your Termite Protection Plan?

September 1, 2017

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Both the Delray Beach and Boca Raton areas have consistent problems with termites. The subterranean and drywood termites can cause several billions of dollars in damage each year. Many people believe that termites only cause damage during swarming season, but they are on the job 24/7 here in South Florida. Nozzle Nolen offers a termite treatment plan and preventative treatments that can you save you money in the long run as well as give your home the protection that it needs. For subterranean termites, we will treat the soil around the perimeter of the home and drywood preventatives include treatments inside the home around attics and vents. 

If you already have a termite agreement in place with Nozzle Nolen, you should consider the importance of renewing your agreement and here’s why.

When signing the termite agreement, Nozzle Nolen will assign you to a termite specialist. This specialist will inspect your home annually. They will search in subtle areas and places where others might not think to look. This is important for your home because an infestation may start between inspections.

With the continuous inspections, your specialist will be able to catch an early inspection. This could save you from a large expense from the damage that might be done if you chose not to renew your termite agreement.   

Another important element you should consider is that you will always have a specialist on call. If you notice activity from termites, all you have to do is give Nozzle Nolen a call. Instead of having to wait for the next business day, or when the company can find someone to send to you, Nozzle Nolen specialists are ready when you need them.

A renewed termite agreement can also add value to your home when trying to put it on the market. In other words, when you sell your home, the new owner will also be purchasing the termite agreement from you. The agreement will stay with the property until it expires which makes your home more attractive to buyers.

You have already invested in a home, so why not protect your investment? Nozzle Nolen is certified and trained to use reliable and eco-friendly termite control. To ensure that your home remains termite free, contact Nozzle Nolen to renew your termite agreement today.

If you do not yet have a termite agreement, you can start today. The State of Florida’s Department of Agriculture recommends that every home in Florida should have a termite bond on it. Nozzle Nolen’s termite control services will include an extensive inspection and consultation along with preventative treatment. Contact us to today for more information or your free inspection.


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